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The Advantages of Using Prepaid Cards for Online Shopping

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Internet shopping is fantastic. When you’re online, you have quick and easy access to a countless range of digital stores. It’s possible to buy almost anything in just a few clicks. It’s no surprise that over two billion of us regularly buy things over the internet.

When it comes to paying for your purchases, there are quite a few different payment methods you can use. In this article, we’ll look at the prepaid card and why it’s a great option for online shopping.

What is a Prepaid Card?

As its name suggests, a prepaid card is a card that comes with cash loaded onto it. There are two types: physical and digital. To acquire a physical one, you simply head to a store where it’s sold or visit the payment provider’s website and apply for one. It’s usually available in a number of set denominations: $10, $25, and $50, for example.

Each card comes with a PIN, or personal identification number. To use the card, you simply choose the type of prepaid card when given a list of payment options. You then enter the PIN and the cost of the purchase is deducted from your card’s balance.

As for the digital prepaid card, it works in the same way as a physical one. It has its own PIN you enter to complete transactions. To get one, you have to visit the website of the payment service provider. There should be a few simple steps to follow for you to acquire your digital card.

If you’re making a big purchase, you can pay using more than one prepaid card. If you’re buying something for $100 and your chosen prepaid card has a maximum value of $50, you could pay using two $50 cards, for example.

Examples of Prepaid Cards

Quite a few big-name payment providers have prepaid cards. There are some, such as NeoSurf and Paysafecard, which specialize in prepaid cards. Others, including Visa and Mastercard, initially focused on other types of payments, namely debit and credit cards, but have branched out to offer prepaid cards.

All four of these are accepted at a lot of e-commerce sites. Visa and Mastercard are the most common of the four. Pretty much every sort of site that lets you purchase things accepts Visa or Mastercard, or indeed both.

Are Prepaid Cards Good for Online Shopping?

Prepaid cards are great for online shopping. You just have to enter a PIN and there’s no need to enter any bank details or personal information. If you’re concerned about shopping online safely, the fact that you don’t have to supply these details should put your mind at ease.

Since each card comes with a set amount of money, it’s easy to keep track of your spending. Plus, you can’t overspend like you can with credit cards. With a credit card, you can buy something using money you don’t currently have and pay it back later, usually with interest. Prepaid cards only let you spend what’s actually on the card, so it’s impossible for you to overspend.

Remember to keep your physical cards safe. If you lose them without noting down your PIN, you’ll have lost the money on them. It’s, therefore, a good idea to use them as soon as possible. Most payment providers that offer prepaid cards have a digital wallet where you can store your cards and their PINs. It’s recommended you use one if you’re planning on doing a lot of online shopping with prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards aren’t just suitable for online shopping, they’re used in a number of industries, from travel cards to electric meters to online casinos. Lots of people use these cards to fund casino accounts, as it gives them a way of getting money onto a site without having to give the casino their bank details. Casinos from all over the world accept these prepaid cards, whether you’re in the US, New Zealand, or the UK. At the best online casino sites, you can earn rewards such as free spins and bonus money. With free spins, you can spin the reels of popular slots for no charge. Even though you’re not paying for the spins, you still have a chance of winning real money.


Prepaid cards make online shopping safer and help you stay in control. Consider obtaining some before you have your next online shopping session. There are quite a few options to choose from and each one is worthwhile.


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