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The Art of Local Move for Newbies

For some people moving around is the lifestyle, on the opposite – others may get stressed by this. You need to get used to a new neighborhood, housing conditions, and the settlement will definitely take some time, but the crucial here is to move local move in a smart way to minimize pressure.

What is Considered a Local Move?

If you are asking this question, this simply means that your life is about to change. Hopefully, the reason for this is very exciting. Let’s say you’ve got a new job or bought a new house and are excited about upcoming efforts. But sometimes the motivation behind it is not so optimistic, like divorce or losing your job, and in this case, you would like to hand in these responsibilities to someone else. In each case hiring a local good moving company would be a great advantage.

Under the local move, we consider a relocation within 50-100 miles. Basically, you are moving around within the familiar terrain, but still, there may be some specifics:

  • Size matters. One thing is when you are relocating from a dorm to 1 bedroom apartment, another is the local moving of a 5-bedroom house.
  • It will be less stressful for pets or kids, but the time you spend packing, preparing, and moving would be equal to if you were relocating interstates.
  • A local moving company may charge you at the end more as they usually charge on hourly bases, besides there can be a limited number of offers from local moving companies, especially if you live in a rural area.

How Much do Movers Cost for Local Move

The cost of local moving depends on the area. The price will range a lot based on the state, county, and city. The big nuance with a local move is that companies are charging on an hourly basis, but before making a calculation you need also consider the following parameters:

  • Distance. Calculate how many miles it takes to move the stuff from point  A to point B.
  • A number of movers. It depends on the number of belongings you have, and the size of the furniture, but regularly local moving companies have their own standards –  two people on a crew and one truck for a regular 1-2 bedroom apartment of house, plus an additional mover for an additional room. Of course, if time is precious and you are ready to pay more, there always be available to hire more people or arrange a few trucks. It is not necessarily will cost you more, as the same job may be done a few times faster. At the same time, more experienced companies can provide movers who work very efficiently and can do the same job with minimum effort. In that case, probably their rate will be higher, but the final check can still be very affordable and even help save you some budget.
  • Usually the time you will be charged for starts at the moment truck with the movers leaves the warehouse. You can’t influence how fast they reach your facility, but you can definitely keep an eye on the mover and how energetically they perform their job. Therefore here is a small recommendation to read the reviews before hire local movers or follow personal recommendations from the people you trust to make sure you find an experienced and reputable firm or service.

How long does a local move take?

The duration of a local move can vary based on the preparation you’ve done. You can start packing the things a few weeks before the actual day of moving. This way you will be able to decide what you want to take with you and bring to your new home, sell the rest of the stuff, or simply threw it away. You may also pack the kitchenette, clothes, or some personal belonging on your own or ask family and friends. It reduces the overall time of the local move. A tiny tip to follow here. Do it only with not very valuable things or things hard to damage, leave the rest for professionals.

On the day of moving, you can save some time by arranging a place for your kids and pets to stay at. This way no one will get in the way and distract you from the moving process.

It makes sense to consider such not vital conditions as weather, day of the week as they may influence the time of driving. Local movers cost depends on the time spent on the client, but it doesn’t mean you need to rush. It is better to start the process earlier and have some extra time to solve the issues in case they arise.

How to Find Local Movers

If you want to get a good result at a reasonable price, keep in mind that finding a local mover takes a lot of effort and it is a separate part of your local move campaign.

First, learn about the market and find out about the online offer for a local move. It is worth sending the request and receiving at least a few sales offers to compare the prices and to check the services. Many things will be clarified even during this stage. Pay attention if the mover keeps the deadline, whether the company is client-oriented, and try to adjust their services to your specific needs.

Do not neglect reviews on Google or social pages. It can help to create an understanding of who will be dealing with your personal things, as these people will enter your house and will have direct contact and possession of everything you have.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation. Reputable movers will be able to provide a few contacts of the loyal clients to give you more information.

Some of the places have limited offers from the companies, providing local move services and the choice will be easier to make. But in the states such as California, the offer is much bigger, and it is crucial to be focus on the real professionals, who will take care of your houshold items. If you are looking for a great combination of reasonable price and high quality standarts, Trek Movers will be an awesome option to consider.

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