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The top never before experiences one could have in Singapore

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Singapore is one such place that needs no introduction, no exaggeration. No one even needs to know why it is important to visit this place. A lot of people have written a lot about it and we now know everything about this place, even without going there. However, there are a few of the things that are still not known to a lot of people. So, here is a list of top things that you could only experience after visiting the country of Singapore.

The food at world-class restaurants at cheap rates

If you do not know what Michelin star is, then it is basically a rating system that is used to rate restaurants depending on their performances. It is considered to be the highest rating in this regard. So, one must imagine that if a restaurant has got such a rating, then it would definitely charge a heavy cost for their food. Now, if you are coming to Singapore, you could actually have your meal at one of such restaurants and that too without worrying about the price. One of the street stalls of Singapore has been awarded as the coveted Michelin star. If you are not able to found it, there are places with Bib Gourmand awards. So, basically, one could eat super amazing dishes in Singapore at the most affordable rates possible.

Hanging out in the airport

Usually, people are not allowed to stay at airports without any reason, but the Changi Airport in Singapore is one such airport in the world that allows you to do so. This does not only serve as a gateway but is one of the best places to hang out with friends. You must be aware of the fact that it is one of the best airports in the world and the facilities that it has had made it achieve this rank. You could find groups of people having reading sessions at this place. Along with that, you would come to have a look at the galleries that are there. At the weekends, one could find families coming here and spending time at the public gardens and playgrounds. This is again one such experience that you could not get anywhere else.

Conversing in more than four languages

It is not the first place in the world where you will get to converse with people in various dialects, but using four dialects together is very rare to find out. Now, if you talk to a local there, you will get to hear English, Mandarin Chinese, Standard Mandarin, Tamil, Malay, and other local lingos. If you know any of these languages, it would be fun interacting with people there.

Midnight shopping

Out of all the weirdest things that one could do ever, wandering on roads at midnight comes on the top. Well, if you are someone who finds this a great thing, but has not experienced it yet, Singapore is the best place you could try this out. Here, along with wandering on the roads freely, one could even go shopping. There is a place called a little India and shopping there at midnight is a ritual. The shopping center is called a Mustafa shopping center and is open for everyone 24 hours. One could get each and every item they need. Also, when we are talking about midnight things, it is important to mention that, those who want to experience the good nightlife, they too could come to this place. Singapore is well known for its amazing nightlife and the live casino Singapore. If we talk about the casinos, then the kind of casinos this place has could not be found anywhere else.

Vast cultural diversity

Again, we want to mention that Singapore is not just a single place on this earth that has this kind of diverse culture, but it is unique in its own way. It is incredible to have this diversity in culture for such a small country like Singapore. There are a lot of people from different cultures living here and thus there is not just a mix of races and languages, but of religions and spiritual institutions also. Along with this cultural diversity, you could see how this small country has preserved various things related to its history. One could see a lot of old buildings that are still there telling the story of their time. If you are interested, you could even visit museums to know more about the history of this place.

Visiting the zoo at night

Yes, you have read that right. This is something that is possible in just Singapore. In the year 1994, the first nocturnal zoo of the world was started in Singapore which is called Night Safari. So, this is one and probably the only zoo that could be visited at night. The fun thing is not just the pleasure of visiting a zoo at odd times, but also seeing the animals in their actual self. If you know about the Singapore zoo, then you must be aware that it does not use any cages or bars to keep the animals, rather they use just the natural barriers. In the same way, this night safari follows the same concept. Always remember that you are visiting the night safari at night, so darkness is that one thing that would be there with you. It would not be easy for you to explore the animals in darkness, but that only is the excitement element in this whole journey.

So, these were all the experiences that you could not get to experience even if you have not visited Singapore. The reason for which one could not do these things anywhere else is that all the things you do are in one way or another associated with the place in Singapore. Singapore always has been the preference for a lot of travel enthusiast and after reading these points, we are sure that one will become more determined to visit this place.

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