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Tips for Financial Stability: Limit Your Spending on Recreation

Written by Jimmy Rustling

To be entertained is a human need, right? One of life’s greatest pleasures is saving up for a ticket to the opera or a concert. This is a joyful and exciting moment to live in, but it can be challenging to limit our expenditures because there are so many events to choose from.

Oftentimes, we don’t give much thought to the financial impact of our evening’s enjoyment until after we’ve already spent a significant amount. Usually, we spend extra money on cabs, drinks, clothes, etc., in addition to the expense of the event itself when we go out with our friends.

Establishing a quarterly or annual entertainment budget is the most effective strategy to manage the money you do spend on leisure activities. Here are some hints that should come in handy.

1 Plan out your goals for the following three months/year:

See some shows at the galleries

Participate in musical performances.

Observe a Ballet, Opera, or Dance Performance

Go see a play, a musical, a pantomime, or a show.

See movies at festivals.

Going to charity balls

Attend some concerts, plays, or comedy shows

Calculate how much you think it will cost to get in, or the price of the tickets.

Third, make sure you know the whole cost of the event by adding up all the “hidden extras.” There are usually things like:

Acquiring or renting dressy or semiformal garments

Making an appointment with the beautician

Covering the costs of lodging and transportation

Transportation costs (rental cars, taxis, parking)

Out to eat/Have a few

Fourth, add up all you spent on fun activities. Think about how your entertainment budget will fit into your annual or quarterly spending plan. Never forget that leisure activities are merely desirable, not essential. You can’t afford to fulfill your “needs” right now since you have other priorities and financial commitments. These conditions must be satisfied before you can “desire” to allocate further funds elsewhere.

Five, if you’re annual or quarterly entertainment budget exceeds what you can afford, try these other options:

Rather than purchasing an expensive “A reserve” seat, consider purchasing a “B reserve” seat, which is significantly less expensive.

Attend lunchtime rather than an evening showing.

Use anything from your closet instead of going out to buy or rent entirely new clothing.

If you don’t feel like doing your own hair and makeup, ask a friend or relative to help you out.

Pre-party munchies

If you’re going to be drinking, choose water, juice, or soft drinks.

Spend less on travel expenses by not leaving town for activities.

Get behind the wheel to save money on taxis

Reduce the amount of functions you plan on attending.

Look for less expensive alternatives, such as seeing a show at a small community theatre instead of a large, city-sponsored venue.

Determine a method of keeping track of your actual quarterly or annual spending. Keep track of your spending on leisure activities for the quarter/year with a dedicated piece of software. You should be able to see how much money you’ve spent and how much is left in your account as the application operates properly. Doing so will keep you from going over your planned spending limitand search here celebrites netwoth via greetingsus.

Amusement should be regarded as a reward. We’ve already established that entertainment doesn’t qualify as a necessity, but rather as a want. You should treat the parties and gatherings you go to as some of the most memorable experiences in your life. Not appreciating them as exceptional or exceptional will lead to their being expected rather than appreciated. These pursuits will go from being “nice to haves” to “must haves” in your mind. You will anticipate going to them on a frequent basis and you will discover you spend lots and lots of money meeting your demands.

Your resources have limits. I have no doubt that you are working hard to accomplish many worthwhile goals in your life. This may be anything from an item on your wish list to a dream vacation to a deserving cause you’d like to support monetarily. You could try to start restricting your entertainment spending quarterly or annually by making some sacrifices. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of all fun. You still need to enjoy life and anticipate memorable moments, but you should do so that you may work for your other goals and dreams.

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