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Tips on How to Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions During a Social Gathering

Written by Jimmy Rustling

No one wants to suffer from wardrobe malfunctions during a social event. In today’s age of social media, this story could spread like wildfire in no time. You want to look your best during these events, and you want to stay that way until everything is over. These are some tips to help avoid wardrobe issues.

Choose quality fabric

The kind of fabric used for the clothing will help prevent a wardrobe malfunction. Don’t settle for a cheap material if it will easily tear. The night could be very long, and you need your clothes to be in perfect condition until the end.

Don’t choose daring styles

You might see some styles used by celebrities during formal events. You also feel like following these trends because you don’t always have the chance. However, you need to try the outfit first before using it in a big event. You might not know how to carry the clothing well. You could end up ripping it off or showing more skin than you should. Besides, you are not heading to a celebrity fashion event where people will judge you based on how unique your fashion choice is. You can be safe with your choice as long as you are comfortable with it.

Bring a stain remover

It is inevitable to suffer from stains because of the food and drinks available during a party. You can stop this from happening by bringing a stain remover. You can buy one that looks like a pen, and you can easily carry it in your pocket. If you end up getting stained, you won’t panic because you know you can remove it on the spot.

Move around while you try your clothes on

Some people try matching their clothes and remove them immediately if they feel like the clothes fit well. When trying on the clothes, you also need to move around, sit down, and walk. You will then know if the clothes can stand your movements. You might be walking or dancing during the event. You want to see that you are not going to have a wardrobe malfunction because of your actions.

Choose the right deodorant

Another problem you might encounter is sweat marks, especially on the underarm area. It happens because of the type of deodorant you use. You need a non-stick deodorant that won’t leave a mark even if you are sweating profusely during the event.

Buy customised clothes

If you intend to purchase a new suit, you can choose from excellent made to measure suits. You select every element in the suit, including the fabric, accessories, design, and colour. The tailor will find a way to ensure that the suit is perfect for you. This option might be expensive, but it is worth the price.

Once humiliated during a public event, it is difficult taking things back. Therefore, you need to plan what to wear and avoid wardrobe malfunctions. You also need to have extra clothes if possible so that you can immediately change should something happen.


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