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Unique Gadgets That Makes Your Smartphone a Little More “Smarter”

Written by Jimmy Rustling

It’s no secret that the phone industry has changed drastically over the course of its existence. The simple concept of extending the range of human communication has undergone some significant transformation, and the final product (at least till date) exists in the form of our present generation smartphones. Our present-day digital device is by far the most intuitive and convenient iteration of phones we have seen over the years.

However, there are ample of smartphone gadgets out there in the market that elevates the overall user experience of the device even further. From some quirky and rather weird gadgets like a Phone thong cover (Yes! There is such a thing) to some of the most helpful and handy equipment such a camera zoom lens, smartphone gadgets does not seem to disappoint.

Online websites like is a great place to get some awesome deals on smartphone gadgets every day. Here are some of the most intuitive and helpful smartphone gadgets you can buy at present.

  1. Smartphone camera Zoom lens

The camera quality on smartphones has improved significantly over the years. However, capturing a long distant object has always been one of the major drawbacks on a phone camera. Unlike professional DSLR cameras, the usual camera set up on phones does not come with a physical zoom lens feature. However, thanks to the crazy innovations in the smartphone gadget market, you can now purchase an external zoom lens for your device camera.

These lenses allow you to capture long distant objects with convincing accuracy and minimal distortion in the quality of the captured image. The lens is also extremely compact and easy to mount and use, which makes them a compulsory gadget to carry around, especially if you are a photo enthusiast.

  1. Wireless charger

The hype behind the concept of charging your smartphone wirelessly is incredible, and that’s all for the right reasons. After all, who does not subscribe to the idea of charging phone without having to deal with the annoying and tangle-prone cables, right? Wireless chargers provide a much more intuitive and convenient method of charging your phones by simply juicing up your device battery as soon as you place it on the charging pad.

Wireless charging also enhances the flexibility aspect of using the device while charging as well. Since you do not have to deal with a limited cable length, you can take calls, reply messages or browse effortlessly while charging simultaneously on a vertical wireless pad.

  1. Wireless car charger

Charging at home, whether wirelessly or otherwise, is extremely simple and convenient, as well. However, the equivalent sentiment is not reciprocated once you step inside your car, especially if you’re on a long trip. Checking your device constantly for notifications, answering calls, and, most importantly for checking the GPS becomes extremely inconvenient and difficult as well.

Wireless car chargers, in such situations, provides the ideal solution. These car chargers can be mounted conveniently on your car’s dashboard or the front glass to give you the ideal height where you can operate and monitor your smartphone without having to take your eyes off the road.

  1. Game controller

The smartphone gaming industry is on its peak popularity and is also gaining a relevant place in the professional esports scene as well. However, the controls in the limited screen space on your phone do not offer the most ideal gaming experience, and this is where the external game controls come into play. These controllers provide a much more simpler and user-oriented gaming experience by providing an easier and responsive physical control.

These controllers also eliminate various practical restrictions that arise due to hand sweat and also the excessive heating issues of the smartphone after prolonged hours of gaming.

  1. Wireless charger adapter

Most flagship smartphones from premium brands such as Samsung, One Plus, and Apple come with the wireless charging option capability. However, the majority of the devices in the market at present do not come with the equivalent feature, which essentially means you have to stick with the traditional and a rather frustrating cable charging.

Wireless charging adapter gadgets, as the name suggests is designed specifically to unlock the wireless charging feature on your device. These adapters can be installed at the back of your device, which in turn allows you to charge your phone while placing it on top of the wireless charging pad.

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