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What are the precautionary steps that you can take to avoid a car accident?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

It is needless to mention that car accidents can be devastating and can have life-altering impacts on the victim and his family. Even a minor accident can have a damaging impact on the driver, pedestrians,  and passengers. According to the reports of the National Safety Council,  there is a staggering increase in the number of traffic fatalities every year.

Most car accidents are preventable but drivers fail to take the minimum precautions that should be taken in order to keep accidents at bay. In case you are someone who has seen your family member suffer due to the result of a car accident,  you must be eager to know the precautionary steps to take to avoid an accident. Let’s check out what an Orange County car accident attorney has to say about preventing fatal wrecks.

  • Stay extremely watchful while driving

While you drive,  your focus should be on the road.  you should never be distracted by anything else while driving. Remember that the car is the last place where you should practice multitasking. Don’t use your mobile phone while driving even when it is in hands-free mode.  Talking while driving will remove your attention from the road.  hence it is best to keep your phone away or ensure it is turned off during driving.

  • Have the right attitude while driving

Did you know that a majority of teen auto accidents result due to immaturity,  lack of skills,  and not having the right attitude while driving? Before you sit behind the driving wheel,  commit to yourself that you will practice responsible and defensive driving. Keep in mind that you are in total control of 3000 pounds of fast-moving metal and you owe the entire responsibility of the co-passenger to yourself.

  • Don’t exceed the speed limit

The main purpose of the speed limit is to avoid accidents.  when you drive at a very high speed,  you limit your ability to react to sudden stops. This is why exceeding the speed limit will increase the likelihood of an accident. Apart from consuming more oil,  driving at a high speed will also put the lives of the passengers in danger. You will have less reaction time to avoid rollovers or other obstacles on the road.

  • Choose a safe car

Besides practicing the right attitude for driving,  you should also choose a car that has the best safety features. Once you select a car with electronic stability control,  this can reduce the risk of a fatal rollover by around 85%.  Also watch out for other safety features like lane departure warning,  blind spot monitoring,  rear cross-traffic alerts,  and much more. This will help you cut down on the chances of an accident.

  • Never drive under the influence

This is probably one of the most critical pieces of advice to follow if you are driving a car.  Majority of the car accidents occur due to drunk driving and this can be fatal.  Drinking will impair your senses and you will take more time to react to any obstacle on the road. So, never drink and drive.

Follow the advice given above to keep a safe distance from accidents that can change your life forever.  In order to file a personal injury claim against the faulty party,  get hold of a lawyer.

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