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What Eyelash Extensions Should I Get for My Eye Shape?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Do you want to experiment with your style and try something other than regular classics or popular volume extensions? Or don’t you know what’s best for you?

Read in our material how to choose the eyelash extensions that will be the best for your eye shape.

What Shape Eyelash Extensions Should I Get?

First of all, let’s decide what your eye shape is. Depending on that, we’ll choose the best technique:

  • Round eyes

Girls with round eyes should try cat eyelash extensions. In this case a lashmaker first fixes shorter eyelashes in the inner corner of the eye, and in the outer corner uses long eyelashes. This way, you can stretch out your eyes visually, making them sexier.

  • Almond eyes

Cat eyelash extensions are not always good for this form of the eyes. Often the lashmakers try to make eyes look more open, putting longer lashes in the center.

This scheme is also often used for girls with deep set eyes.

  • Hooded eyelids

In this case we recommend making volume extensions with L-curve. Ideally, you should choose the curl while consulting with your lashmaker.

  • Prominent big eyes

Try classic extensions that look pretty neat and at the same time makes the whole look more expressive.

  • Downturned eyes

Take a closer look at the squirrel effect that will visually correct the eye shape and lift the downturned corners.

What Type of Eyelash Extensions Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Here everything is individual and also depends on your eye shape.

This can generally be done with volume or hybrid extensions: Long eyelashes will be placed in the center of the eye and shorter eyelashes will be placed at the corners. This technique will help open your eyes and make them expressive.

Whatever you choose for yourself, the quality of the products used for extensions is of great importance. This is why we recommend you to visit the Canadian LashStorePro online store: here you will find the best quality, certified and healthy materials.

Almost all TOP lashmakers in Canada use these consumables, so there is no doubt about their quality!

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