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What Should You Do to go to Malaysia? What is the procedure?

Are you planning to go to Malaysia? Well, then you have to get a visa. You cannot simply go there.  you should have Malaysia Visa but the good news is that this tourist visa requirements are somewhat easy to follow. Most nationalities are excused from a tourist visa. Rest can avail eVisa or even that of visa waiver.

Of course, visiting Malaysia is a dream come true for many people, however, before you board on the journey you should apply for a visa. And to apply for a visa you have to meet the Malaysia visa requirements. Most of you do have serious doubts about what documents are required for which visa. Consequently, with the excitement and joy of travelling to a different country, comes the anxiety of arranging for visa documentation. Malaysia eVisa procedure is fully online and an electronic visa gets issued. Both eVisa and visa waiver is meant for just short-term visits. More and more countries are getting added to eVisa system making the visa application procedure a lot easier and faster.

What types of visas are there?

There are many visas and a few are like:

  • Single entry visa: this single-entry visa permits you to stay in Malaysia for an utmost of 30 days. In case you obtain a single-entry visa, you are needed to re-apply for a new visa each time you depart and re-step in Malaysia.
  • Multiple entry visa: it is a multiple entry visa that permits you to stay in Malaysia for more than thirty days. You can depart and re-enter Malaysia various times in case your journey is inside the visa validity period.
  • eNTRI visa: this visa is applicable for just Chinese and Indian nationals. You can stay in Malaysia for fifteen days and this time is non-extendable.
  • Visa on Arrival: this visa on arrival is a permit to visit Malaysia, given to you after you have arrived in Malaysia. It is appropriate only if you have a valid tourist visa for Indonesia, Thailand or that of Singapore and are entering Malaysia through any of these nations.
  • Work permits: these are issued for foreign nationals working in Malaysia. These range between six months to 5 years. Work permits can be in the shape of either long-duration employment passes, temporary employment passes or even that of professional visit passes granted to expatriates.
  • Entry permits: these permits are a type of visa that permits you to stay in Malaysia for a lengthy period of time, with the intention of becoming a permanent resident. The government characteristically grants these permits to spouses of Malaysian citizens, investors, experts or even that of two professionals in a niche field.

The point is if you have any doubts about any visa like that of Malaysia Tourist Visa or other visas, make sure that you talk to the professionals today. Do not waste your time, efforts and money on incomplete visa procedures.


So, when are you planning to go to Malaysia? Go ahead and check out your visa documents today.

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