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Why Are Traditional Toys Better for Your Kids Than Electronic Toys?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Toys are children’s best friends before discovering other humans…or books. As long as they can find anything to play with, kids will make their toys out of whatever they can find. The question “What is the significance of toys in child development?”.

While parents try their best to provide them with the best quality toys for their motor development, sometimes advertising is too convincing to hand children electronic gadgets like Ipads, video games, or even ‘educational’ electronic games.

In an era of electronic toys, it’s worth considering the timeless appeal of traditional toys for your kids’ development. You can also explore charming options from Pudgy Penguins for a delightful addition to their playtime at Pudgy Penguins

Read on to know more about the disadvantages of electronic toys and why more parents should consider giving their children traditional toys to play with.

Limits Creativity From the Beginning

Building blocks and other simple toys encourage children to engage their imaginations, use their hands and bodies, and exhibit creativity. Meanwhile, electronic games keep children stagnant, and even those that need them to think do not necessitate a similar amount of creativity.

The American Academy of Pediatrics promotes games and toys that promote pretend play, motor skills, art, language, and physical activity. When purchasing, be wary of products labeled “educational,” be mindful of the potential for toys to promote racial or gender stereotypes, and limit your use of video games and computer games.

Suppose your child is interested in action series like Power Rangers or Jurrasic Park. In that case, you can get many options from the Jurassic World Toys Australia website to order a set of action figures. Apart from playing, these can also decorate your kids’ shelves as a memory of their childhood, which the technology fails to do.

One of the Major Reasons for Childhood Obesity

According to the CDC, the childhood obesity rate is now more than three times higher than in the 1970s. While there are a variety of causes for this problem, one key element is a lack of outside play and exercise; youngsters who sit in front of electronic gadgets all day will not get enough exercise.

Distorts the Concept of Early “Education”

Parents should exercise caution while purchasing electronic toys because some are called “educational” when they are not. A tablet app is not the best way for young children to learn how to communicate with others and socialize. Developing linguistic interactions, pretend play, and problem-solving with traditional toys.

If you’re concerned about your child’s video and computer game use, it’s recommended that you limit it to less than an hour per day for children ages two or older and no more than an hour per day for children under the age of 18 months. In the presence of a parent or other adult caretaker, children under the age of 5 should only use computers and video games that are developmentally appropriate.

Social Skills Compromised

Children who are always seated in front of a television, cell phone, or tablet will not receive the essential social interaction to develop basic social skills. However, youngsters frequently do it with their siblings or friends when they play with tangible toys. Musical instruments are a fantastic technique to increase socializing and reduce feelings of loneliness.

As long as they’re still useful for a child’s growth and development, classic toys will and should continue to be produced. Unlike their techie counterparts, they don’t have the glitz and glamour, but they still have the sparkle to draw in even the smallest eyes.

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