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Why Do You Need a Life Coach to Succeed in Your Career?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Work-related stress can increase tardiness and absenteeism and affect the productivity of employees. According to a leading labour force survey, 602,000 people in the UK suffer from work-related stress.

Many people in the UK have discovered consulting a life coach in London can help reduce work stress. They can also play an essential role in assisting people to reach their career goals.

A life coach specializing in career development understands what it takes to build a successful career. They provide the right knowledge to their clients and teach them how to develop skills to help achieve success in their field. A life coach can help a person with the following objectives.

  • Develop Skills– Every person has strengths and weaknesses. A life coach plays a vital role in helping the client recognize their strengths and weaknesses. The coach can help you identify areas of improvement and encourage you to develop skills to help achieve success in a career.
  • Identify Purpose– An individual needs a clear purpose when working towards a goal. The coach will help you identify the purpose and provide you with continuous feedback and encouragement. A life coach would also help you develop a strategy to achieve your career goals.
  • Improve Current Situation– According to a leading survey, 74% of UK adults are so stressed that they cannot cope with daily challenges in life. Many times people are so depressed with their current situation that they lose hope and start living in despair. A life coach will help you evaluate your current situation and identify issues in your life. The coach will help plan a strategy and plan of action to resolve the problems so you can confidently proceed towards your goals.
  • Help Channel Your Emotions– a life coach in London can help you identify and channel your emotions in the right direction to find success in your career and different areas of life.

Advantages of Working With a Life Coach

A life coach can help in career development in many ways. They can help clarify the values and goals and help needed to reach your fullest potential in your field. Also, they give you encouragement and support when required and hold you accountable for failure or success. Here are some of the advantages of working with a life coach.

Direction –Your career can move in different directions. Hence, it is necessary to determine which path is right to achieve your career goals. A life coach can help improve your employability, which will give you diverse growth opportunities. They will help you understand who you are and what you want to achieve.

The coaching will also help you discover new things about you that you never knew before. The life coach will help you move ahead in your career path while helping you realize fulfillment and happiness in other areas of life.

Goal Setting- A career plan would have short term and long term goals. Breaking your career objectives into smaller goals will help you plan better and gain success more quickly. A life coach will help you set short-term and long-term goals.

Interview Preparation

According to the latest UK mental health survey, 60% of 18- 24 year olds are highly stressed due to the pressure to succeed. The result is they are not able to perform in interviews resulting in rejection by the prospective employer.

A life coach can help you relieve stress through different techniques like meditation and help channel your energy in the right direction. They can help you prepare for interviews through role-playing. Their years of experience can also provide valuable input that can help you pass interviews with flying colours.

Honest Feedback

Honest feedback can help you identify the areas of improvement. The life coach can provide you with honest feedback that can motivate you to move ahead.


The life coach’s role in your career development is to keep you moving on the path of professional and personal accomplishments. When you are held accountable for your success and failure, you experience a sense of pride and responsibility towards your efforts. It acts as a constant motivation to better you in all areas of life. They ensure you follow the plan and do not stray away from your objectives.

Increase Self-Confidence

The life coach identifies your skills, background, and experience and shows you how they can help you achieve a particular job position.

The intense competition and daily stress can make it hard for an individual to achieve desired career goals. A life coach can provide the right guidance and encouragement to channelize your efforts and knowledge in the right direction to help you reach your career goals ultimately.

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