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3 Careers That Suit Caring Individuals

Young people are often told that the world is their oyster. By this logic, any career path that they can possibly imagine is open to them insofar as they work hard to achieve it. While this sentiment is potentially empowering, it also leaves individuals with a wide range of possible career choices. To help narrow these choices down, this short guide is all about careers that suit people who are particularly caring. Read on to learn the top three careers for such individuals and how you can work to get into them in the years to come.


Perhaps the epitome of the caring career, a career in nursing will see you perform countless services to those who are ill and in need of both treatment and – perhaps more importantly – care and support. You can consider to become an international travel nurse too. Nursing careers can take many directions, servicing many different types of patients, but they all have this in common.

Becoming a nurse requires you to work towards a qualification. You can actually work towards this while you’re still in school by concentrating on the sciences. Once you’ve graduated from high school, you can apply for a bachelor of science in nursing to get your certification and to begin your journey in this most rewarding of careers.

Elderly Care 

A form of care that still involves a lot of qualities and skills nurses have is elderly care. This can range from simple services, such as cooking meals and being a staff member in a care home, all the way through to nursing services that may require certification or qualifications, depending on the position.

Those with a great deal of respect and even wonder in their elders tend to excel in these roles, finding them as rewarding as they are eye-opening. If you think about it, who wouldn’t want to work with old, wise people who’ve seen so much of the world in their lives? If this is a career that appeals to you, a great first step is to volunteer in an old people’s home to work out whether this is truly a field that you would love to work in.

Charity Work

This field is even broader than that of nursing. Working in a charity, in the third sector, or for humanitarian organizations can expose you to a wide variety of issues and geographies that are as fascinating as they are challenging. Your work will directly impact the lives of those less fortunate than you, such as someone recently suffering from a natural disaster or those who suffer extreme poverty.

To get involved in charities, it’s first important to decide which roles would suit your skillset. Do you want to be on the ground, providing aid to needy people, or in the office, planning the distribution of that aid? The answers to questions such as these will help you ascertain which type of career you should begin building for yourself and whether you ought to head to college or university before you enter the job market.

There you have it: three careers that suit those individuals with a caring disposition. Think about what suits you the best and work towards reaching that career.

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