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4 Reasons Singapore Parents Send Their Kids To Piano Lessons

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Many Singaporean parents enjoy sending their children to Singapore for piano lessons. Why do Singaporean parents want their children to learn the piano instrument? There is a reason why private music teacher agencies in Singapore such as are so highly popular. Here are a few explanations for why many parents who can afford it like to send their children for piano classes.

Singapore is a society that is first and foremost very competitive. Parents in Singapore wanting to send their children to piano lessons see that as a means for their child or children to have a better advantage or head start over others since research has frequently shown that learning a musical instrument like the piano is frequently linked to increased gray matter in the brains, which typically translates into higher IQ levels. As a result of higher IQ levels from having taken piano lessons, their child or children will be able to perform better academically in Singapore’s formal school education system and subsequently will have an advantage in the job market once they are adults. This is a significant factor in why Singaporean parents enroll their child or children in piano lessons or classes taught by pianist teachers in SG.

The second reason parents enroll their kids in piano lessons is so their child or children might one day be able to work as piano teachers, either as a part-time or full-time career, in the future. Living in Singapore means that one will have extremely high living expenses. Because of high living costs in Singapore, parents want their children to be able to earn as much money as they can so that they can thrive in future. As a result of this thinking, parents in Singapore feel that if their kids are able to master the piano and pass the graded ABRSM music exams, they will be able to work as piano teachers when they are adults and make at least an additional part-time income if ever required to do so.

Third of all, Singapore parents also like sending their children for piano lessons because of the fact that many Singaporeans have kiasu personalities, which is the type of personality that is hyper competitive and has to win. In other words, they do not want their kids to fall behind others in Singapore. They do the same thing because many other parents in Singapore also send their kids to piano lessons. Therefore, if they do not do the same for their own child or children, they would feel like they are losing out. However, since mastering this musical instrument has genuine, observable advantages, it might not necessarily be categorized as kiasu, but rather seen as these Singaporean parents making a wise decision for the future of their kids.

Last but not least, whether it is true or not, being able to play a musical instrument such as the piano can sometimes be considered as being more “cultured” and can be perceived as belonging to the upper class in society in an Asian nation like Singapore. You can readily see why many Singaporean parents send their kids to learn a musical instrument like the piano given that Asians are known to care a lot about their reputations.

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