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6 signs it’s time to hire a tutor for your kid

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Undoubtedly foundation for further education success is laid at the very early age of a student’s life. That said, kindergarten education is one such phase that contributes significantly to this. However, while some children adapt beautifully to the new educational environment that comes their way, others need a little nudge to thrive.

Parents play a crucial role in deciding if their child requires extra support. There are several factors and observations to make while deciding. And talking of extra support- tutoring is the right tool to ensure academic success.

If you are unsure whether or not to hire a tutor for your kid, you are at the right place. You need to look for several signs that indicate a need to hire a tutor to make a significant difference in your child’s academic performance. And in this article, we have mentioned some vital signs indicating the urgent need for an online tutor.


6 signs that indicate a need for an online tutor

Limited focus or attention span

The children are introduced to a structured framework of education for the very first time. Therefore, it is quite obvious for some kids to face difficulties following the same. The child cannot sit, study, pay attention, and concentrate for fixed times; it indicates the child requires a focused approach offered by a tutor.

Tutors for kindergarten can undertake a range of interactive and engaging methods to ensure the shield remains focused and enjoys the study duration. This focus attention helps the kid improve their concentration span and, thereby, the overall learning experience.

Insufficient school resources or large classroom sizes

At times the school lacks the required resources or has a larger classroom size, making it difficult for a teacher to lay individualized attention on each child. So, the moment you realize it, hiring a tutor can help you bridge this gap.

A tutor offers a one-to-one instructional approach tailored to address the weaknesses and strengths of the child to help him succeed.

Lack of confidence or low self-esteem

When a child shows signs of frustration, anxiety, and doubts in abilities, it is time to consider hiring a tutor. Otherwise, such a behavioral approach poses a striking hindrance to educational success.

A tutor can create a positive learning environment in which the focus is to support and motivate a child. This way, the child gains the confidence and the growth mindset to achieve anything and everything.

Homework struggles

Even when the homework assigned in early childhood is minimal, several kids find it challenging to finish it independently. They either look for substantial support from you or are reluctant to do homework. Again, it is a sign your kid requires extra support and guided assistance by a tutor.

A tutor not only guides a kid with homework completion but also promotes good study habits. In addition, a tutor helps a child reinforce the concepts learned in the class.

Pre-reading and pre-writing difficulties

When you identify that your child faces difficulties in identifying letters, recognizing sounds, or writing letters, it is time to consider a tutor. It is foremost to develop these literacy skills in the early years to ensure academic progression down the line.

A tutor offers a personalized and specialized approach to developing these foundational skills in a child. Additionally, a tutor ensures to develop of a love for reading and writing among students from a very early age.

Learning difficulties or development delays

Any developmental delay or learning difficulties could be a major reason behind limited speech or language development, fine motor skills, or cognitive abilities. When you realize your kid shows developmental delays or early warning signs of learning disabilities, it is time to hire a tutor.

Hire a professionally trained tutor specializing in early childhood education, as only they can offer personalized assistance and targeted interventions to help your child overcome such limitations.


Remember, these signs aren’t definitive proof that a tutor is mandatory; however, these signs do serve as a starting point to consider getting additional support for your child. You must contact the child’s teacher or concerned administration for insight into the child’s educational progression. This way, you can decide on your kindergarten kid’s best course of action.

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