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Six Foolproof Tips to Write a Successful Religious Book

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Religion is an important part of every individual’s life. Yes, everyone is walking their own path and following their beliefs. But, every religious person can agree that they have read at least one religious book in their lifetime.

Religious books can be a great way to help your brothers and sister discover the right path. It is one of the most influential things you can do for someone who shares your beliefs. However, sharing your love for God without sounding too preachy can be hard.

After all, you are chosen by God for a bigger purpose when you want to write a book and help others find the right path. It can be a challenging task. But you can conquer anything with God’s kindness and unhindered dedication.

If you are unsure how to write your religious book, here are a few essential tips to help you.

1. Give Hope to Your Readers

Hope is a strong emotion. It can help one find peace and stability even in the most emotional times. When you approach a reader with empathy, they are likely to listen to you with an open mind. Your words can make a bigger difference than you may have anticipated.

The target audience of religious books is mostly those seeking God and wanting to create a better relationship with Him. When you approach them with hope, tell them how their faith can move mountains. This practice can help them absorb every word that you write.

You can make the reader more comfortable by sharing your experiences. You can open up to your reader by telling them about your journey of finding God. You can also share the obstacles you faced to make them realize that they are not alone.

2. Create a Story

Every religious writer must remember that the reader does not want you to list facts. If they were seeking rules and regulations, they could refer to the Bible or Torah in the first place. You need to provide them with more than the religious scriptures.

If you look at the famous religious books among people of faith, you will see that they all tell a story. Lessons given to the readers in the form of a story can be much more effective than listing the facts. You can use the same approach for your religious books.

In addition, when you communicate to your reader through stories, they are more likely to remember the contents of your book. On the contrary, lists can be boring and hard to remember. Your reader may forget about the lessons in your book after one read.

3. Hire an Editor

Religious books can be one of the hardest types of literature to perfect. You must be very careful to ensure that there are no factual mistakes. A little error or misplacement of facts can affect your reputation as a writer in the longer run.

Of course, the author cannot do everything alone. Sometimes they need help from a third party with an objective set of eyes. Yes, if you are writing a Christian book, hiring experienced Christian editors can be detrimental to the success of your book.

Religious editors have years of experience under their belt. They can help you realize and rectify the smallest mistakes in your work. This way, you can be more confident about the factual correctness of your book and can send it to the publishers without any doubt in your heart.

4. Stay Connected with God

Every religious writer must believe that it is God’s will for them to write a religious book. It can become impossible to complete your work if the Lord is not by your side. Therefore, every religious writer must pray to God throughout the process of writing.

When you pray before writing, you can ask for God’s help finding inspiration and the right words. Since you are doing God’s work and spreading His message, he will be by your side with every step. You will overcome every hurdle with the strength of your belief.

Sometimes, you will feel a lack of motivation or difficulty in overcoming the writer’s block. Such circumstances can be very challenging to overcome. However, praying to God to take the wheel for you can open many doors of opportunity.

And remember, when you are conveying the message of hope to your reader, you must follow the same rules. Talk to God to keep your heart and mind at peace if you feel hopeless. After all, God is there by your side every step of the way.

5. Avoid Repetitive Punctuation

Every author has a unique style of writing. Some use a lot of commas, while others try to increase the readability of their manuscript through extra spacing. Overusing punctuation can break your book’s credibility for the publisher and readers.

When you deal with publishers, you can leave matters of spacing to them. They have publication houses with an experience in publishing books beforehand. Hence, they can automatically insert spacing to make your book more readable.

In addition, overuse of punctuation marks such as commas, question marks, and exclamation marks can also be exhausting for the reader. They may feel overwhelmed with the time, and the chances of your book being abandoned can increase too.

6. Get in Touch with the Publishers

Every writer can agree that finalizing a manuscript can be one of the most amazing feelings. Your job may be done in an ideal world, but things are different. There is one last step you must undertake to ensure your book’s discoverability by the right readers.

You can look for publication houses with experience in publishing religious books. The ideal practice is to sit down and devise a list of publication houses you may want to consider. Further, divide this list into smaller batches to contact them.

This practice can increase your chances of hearing from your favorite publication houses. If everything goes right, you will have several options to choose from at the end of the day. You can ask for God’s guidance in making the right decision.

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