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10 Hidden Symptoms That You Are Depressed

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Depression is not always apparent. It can be sneaky and is a silent killer. You may appear fine on the surface but underneath it all, your body subtly letting you know something is wrong. Yet, you keep ignoring them.

My friends and I were discussing Spectrum WiFi prices and bragging about the speed we are getting at such a reasonable price. Once we were done with the chat, my friend revealed he was struggling with depression for the past 2 years. It was shocking as he appeared fine to me!

As a result, I was intrigued to do research and find out how depression can sneak up on up. I came across the following symptoms.

1: Oversleeping

Sadness, guilt, and feeling worthless are some of the emotions you go through as a result of depression. These negative feelings can result in insomnia, which is an apparent sign of depression.

However, if you are sleeping way too much, even more than 8 hours a day, and you are still tired, this could be a hidden sign of depression.

2: Unexplainable Physical Pain

The physicians claim that you are healthy but you are always experiencing physical pain and it’s persistent. It is the type of pain that is unresponsive to medication.

3: Anxiety

Feelings of guilt, sadness, and inferiority can lead to anxiety because of which you fail to cope with daily activities. Some people just feel overly restless and can’t figure out why. Tapping of toes, rapid talking, pacing fast are some of the troubling signs.

4: Change in Appetite

It’s either excessive eating or having no appetite at all. The joy in eating disappears.

5: Loss of Energy

If you tend to get tired too easily, this is another sign of depression. You experience a loss of energy even if you didn’t do any hard work throughout the day.

Lying in bed, watching TV, or staying home – all these activities leave you exhausted.

6: Lack of Emotions

Anger, sorrow, and sadness are not the only things depression makes you feel. In some cases, depression eats away your ability to feel anything.

When someone gets at you, unlike before, you don’t get upset. You don’t feel happy or laugh at actually funny jokes. In severe cases, depression makes you feel empty all the time. It makes you feel all hope is lost and there’s no point in living. (Note: If that’s what you are feeling, get help ASAP.)

Some people on the other end of the spectrum have experienced rapid changes in moods and emotions. They are unable to control their emotions. Unexplained crying, aggression, guilt, excessive laughing are a few signs that you need help.

7: Loss of Interest in Things You Once Loved

Depression is a way of affecting one’s view of life. Unfortunately, it makes you lose interest in activities you once loved. Be it reading, gardening, cooking, crafting – you won’t find pleasure in anything.

8: Failure to Concentrate

When one’s mind is full of negative ideas or depressive thoughts, you lose concentration whether it’s the things of your interest, work, or studies.

If your ability to concentrate has been affected, it’s recommended to pause and reassess your thoughts.

9: Self Harming Behaviors

Are you indulged in behavior that is physically harming you? This includes cutting your wrists, adding cuts on your legs, or arms, burning yourself, or skin picking.

it is believed that self-harming behavior like this is a way of expressing the pain one is feeling inside. People at this stage of depression also have intrusive thoughts of death.

10: Difficulty in Relationships

A drastic change in sex drive could be a hidden sign of depression. A person’s libido changes when they have depression. Again, you lose interest in physical activities that were once a source of pleasure.


Know that depression is not an emotion. It’s a mental illness that has slowly rotten many loving souls. If you or someone you know demonstrate these signs, schedule an appointment with a therapist immediately.

If you experience intrusive thoughts of death or plan on taking your life, professional help is available. You are not alone. There is life beyond depression and you can be cured. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline hotline for immediate help.

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