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Discover Delta 8 THC Dabs – Key Types and Effects of High-Concentration Hemp Products

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Delta 8 does not cause the same “high” as Delta 9, but it is also safer, and products infused with this cannabinoid are increasingly popular. However, some users are not satisfied with gentle effects and seek higher concentrations. Wax dabs are more powerful than standard vape oils. Here is how they work.

What Is Dabbing?

This is a more potent method of vaporizing Delta 8 suitable for experienced users. These Delta 8 wax dabs are a form of cannabinoid concentrate. Users flash-vaporize it to experience the physical and psychoactive effects of the compound.

Types of Products

The concentrates are produced from hemp via extraction, and their potency level is quite high. Aside from wax, dabbing enthusiasts can use shatter. Here is how these products compare.

  • Delta 8 Wax. As the term suggests, this is a wax-like substance. The extraction method involves butane and advanced vacuuming to remove it afterward. As the cannabinoid is extracted at low heat, such products maintain a strong hemp flavor. Some brands use 92% distillate.
  • Delta 8 Shatter. These translucent products have a brittle texture and a golden-amber color. The extraction process involves higher heat and prolonged exposure. This creates a higher concentration of the compounds, which results in higher potency. On the downside, shatter has less flavor compared to wax.

Advantages of Dabs

Higher concentrations of the cannabinoid produce stronger effects. This is the biggest reason for the rising popularity of dabs. Additionally, the effects kick in almost immediately, and the flavor is stronger compared to standard vape oils.

How to Choose a Dab

Dabbing is not for beginners. Unless you have already developed a tolerance to the psychoactive properties of Delta 8, do not try it. If you have, follow these tips to choose an ideal product for your needs:

  • Type: Wax is the most popular due to its strong flavor, powerful effects, and user-friendly nature, but shatter is even stronger. You can also find sauce, rosin, and more!
  • Strain: There is plenty of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid products.
  • Purity: It is impossible to remove 100% of the solvent used for extraction, so 95-99% is ideal.
  • Lab reports: These products must be tested by third-party labs.
  • Freshness: The typical shelf life is 6 months. Over time, dabs lose flavor and potency.

What Hardware Do I Need?

Both types of products require a special device. Due to the high consistency, you cannot vape wax or shatter through standard hardware. The following devices melt them and flash-vaporize: dab rigs, nectar collectors, dab pens, and dab e-nails (these attach to dab rigs).

Users can experiment with different hardware and types of products, which makes consumption more fun. Any vaping enthusiast with a high tolerance to Delta 8 can appreciate dabbing!

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