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Ensite: Finding the Right Treatment for You

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Finding the right treatment for your substance abuse disorder can be difficult, but it’s important to know what options are available. Ensite has helped many people with substance abuse disorders in their recovery, and they offer a way of life that can help you get your addiction under control. In this post, we will go over the different programs and levels of care that the facility offers.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

If you are an alcoholic, you may have been struggling for a while to keep your addiction under control. Alcoholism is one of the most common substance abuse disorders, and it can be difficult to overcome on your own. Ensite offers a comprehensive outpatient program for people with alcoholism that includes 12-step meetings, therapy sessions, and educational courses.

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Over the past few years, opioid addiction has been a growing problem in Kentucky as it has been in the rest of the U.S. However, this type of addiction is treatable, and Ensite has an outpatient program for people with opioid addictions that includes detoxification services. Opioid addiction treatment in outpatient programs at Ensite typically includes medication-assisted treatment and therapy sessions.

Substance Abuse Treatment

While Ensite has staff members who are extremely well-trained in treating opioid and alcohol addiction, they also treat people with other substance abuse disorders. Ensite has a specific program for those struggling to overcome an addiction that is not specifically opioid or alcohol-related. This type of treatment includes group therapy sessions as well as individual counseling hours each week.

Levels of Care at Ensite

While Ensite does not feature inpatient care as an option, they do have very good treatment facilities for other forms of treatment. These are:

●      Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab is the first level of care that Ensite offers. This type of program is for people who do not need to be in a hospital setting but still require intensive treatment. Outpatient rehab at Ensite includes detoxification services, medication-assisted treatment, therapy sessions, and educational courses. It also includes meetings with a therapist or counselor a few times per week, in which you can discuss your progress and goals. Patients also have the opportunity to engage in family and group therapy in addition to individual treatment.

●      Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Intensive outpatient rehab (IOP) is for people who have completed an outpatient rehab program or who do not require detoxification services. IOP at Ensite includes all of the same services as outpatient rehab but with more hours each week. Like regular outpatient programs, patients have the opportunity to engage in family and group therapy sessions, have individual treatment with a therapist or counselor several times per week, attend meetings for support groups, and participate in educational courses.

●      12-Step Programs

Ensite offers 12-step programs for both alcohol and opioid addictions. These meetings are a great way to get support from people who have been in your shoes and who understand what you are going through. Attending these meetings also gives you the opportunity to work through the 12-step program, which can help you stay sober long term.

●      Aftercare Support

Aftercare is just as important as the treatment you receive while at Ensite. This is why they offer aftercare support, which includes continued therapy sessions and access to 12-step meetings as well as references to other resources that can help you maintain sobriety after your completion of their rehab program. Aftercare support helps you stay on track with your sobriety and prevents relapse.

If you are struggling with an addiction to opioids or alcohol, know that there is help available. Ensite has an outpatient treatment program that can fit your needs, which means it is possible for you to overcome addiction and live life in recovery.

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