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How to Consume CBD to Boost Your Health

Written by Jimmy Rustling

CBD has many health benefits, including relieving pain, reducing anxiety and depression, treating autoimmune disorders, offering relief from cancer symptoms, reducing high blood pressure, reducing epileptic seizures in kids, treating substance abuse, promoting skin health, treating sleep disorders, and preventing diabetes. There are several for taking CBD. Here’s how to consume CBD to boost your health.

1.   Smoking

CBD cigarettes are a smokeable kind of cannabis containing high CBD levels. Smoking these cigarettes offers a safer option to cigarette smoking and an alternative method for using CBD. A CBD cigarette, also called a hemp cigarette, contains dried hemp flowers. Most of these cigarettes indicate that they’re tobacco-free and additive- and nicotine-free. This means they might not have dangerous chemicals usually found in other cigarettes. For this reason, someone consuming CBD cigarettes might be at a lower risk of possible health threats associated with smoking.

Smoking CBD provides a faster way to feel CBD effects. It also helps satisfy tobacco smoking urges or assists people in lowering their cannabis consumption. Smoking CBD doesn’t get you high, offers an option to vaping, helps those who wish to stop nicotine cigarette smoking, improves anxiety and Sunday Scaries symptoms, and supports the healthy inflammatory function.

Many potential CBD users are concerned that smoking or vaping CBD will make their eyes red. Considering that THC causes red eyes, does CBD make your eyes red? Research suggests that it may not. However, reading online resources can help you understand better.

2.   Vaping

While vaping gets a lot of negative publicity and poor press, it can be health rewarding too. The primary reward of CBD e-liquid is, vaping the product has the highest bioavailability as opposed to other consumption methods. Some people vape CBD for anxiety, and others for pain relief.

Vaping CBD can help with symptoms associated with insomnia, seizures, nausea, neurodegenerative conditions, acne, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Psychosis, and Alzheimer’s. It gives you control over nicotine intake and vapor output, and it’s safer than smoking, has no noxious smells, and offers flavors for each palate. However, people who vape CBD are at a greater risk for severe lung damage than those vaping nicotine.

3.   Take orally

Oral types of CBD, including edible options, are CBD products you can ingest and digest. These alternatives are convenient and easy ways to consume CBD and are available in various flavors that could mask the cannabinoid’s early taste. Consuming CBD orally might be conditional to the first-pass effect (when your liver metabolizes drugs to allow a minimal portion to enter circulation). This can lower the potency of CBD and take longer for you to notice its effects. As such, you should be careful not to ingest excess CBD too fast. Gummies, capsules, and oils are the oral CBD options you can consider.

4.   Sublingually

Consuming CBD sublingually means taking CBD under your tongue, allowing it enough time to diffuse via the surrounding tissue into the bloodstream. You should hold the product under your tongue because other mouth parts have different cell types that might not be porous enough for bloodstream diffusion. Sublingual CBD options may include sprays, oils, lozenges, and tinctures.

5.   Apply on the skin

Topical CBD products can be applied directly to the skin. This alternative avoids the first effect and can treat localized symptoms like arthritis or skin conditions. Nonetheless, some options can irritate the skin because skin permeability is relatively poor than mucous membranes. Ointments, creams, and oils are the topical types of CBD you can use.


Consuming CBD can help improve your health. Use these methods to consume CBD to boost your health.

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