The Main Reasons Smart Chefs Are Switching from Grease Fryers to Thin Air

Written by Jimmy Rustling

It can be quite difficult to wrap your mind around the concept of deep frying foods in air instead of oil, but this technology already exists and some people are absolutely swearing by it. Yes, you can eat foods that taste like they have been submerged in a vat of boiling oil without any of the additional saturated fat, none of the dangers associated with cooking with oil, and relatively little clean up.

There are lots of appliances that claim to be the best air fryer but not all of them do a solid job of evenly frying food and getting that nice, crunchy texture that you expect to have when you bite into a French fry or a battered onion ring. Here’s why professional chefs, homemakers and everyone in between is looking to snag a great air fryer for use in the kitchen and how you can be sure that you pick up the best one.

Taking Better Care of Your Health
Everyone knows that fried foods tend to taste ‘better’ than foods that have been steamed or even broiled with minimal salt. What people don’t realize is that they aren’t necessarily drawn to any specific method of cooking, but it is a result that tends to make deep fried foods more savory and delicious.

Air frying works by cooking food in hot air as opposed to hot oil. If you take a food such as chicken, the fat that exists inside will heat up as it fries in the air and give the final product that blend of juicy tenderness and a crisp crunch that you expect when biting into a piece of fried chicken. The main difference with air frying is that there’s no draining or straining, so it can be served right away and your overall saturated content intake will be substantially lower.

Fry It Up Faster
Not all of the best air fryers promise to cut down on cook time but you can likely get your appliance ready much faster than traditional frying. Normally, you’d have to pour the grease into a pan, turn on the stove and then wait patiently for it to rise to the correct temperature. For cooks who don’t like just standing around in their kitchens, air frying is a lot more convenient than other methods as you can simply put whatever you want to fry in your appliance and then come back when it’s finished.

Of course, some air fryers still need to be monitored so that your food gets an even finish, but it is still easier to only need to stir the contents of an air fryer occasionally. If you want to fry your food faster and you’re in search of an easier way to prepare what you’re about to eat, air frying could be a great option as opposed to traditional frying methods.

Increased Kitchen Safety
Grease fires can be sparked quickly, and many end up being quite devastating. One wrong move can send a pan of hot grease flying in the air, leading to the potential of serious burns as well as a huge, messy, clean-up. Hot oil can cause injury to cooks, even if they are doing everything the right way. All it takes is for the grease to pop and land on your bare skin, which can lead to nasty blisters and burns. You might have even stopped deep frying if you have been injured in the past or always end up with a smoky kitchen after you are done. Air frying should allow you to feel more comfortable in your kitchen as the only thing that will be getting hot is the air directly around your food. It is almost impossible to get injured while air frying, and these safe appliances have been quality tested ad nauseam so that users can feel confident about getting a good, healthy result in their kitchens.

Produce the Best Fried Foods
If you have used a deep frying in the past you know that getting uniformly cooked food is largely a mystery. Some batches of traditionally deep fried foods can come out golden brown and delicious while others can appear perfect on the inside but still be a bit raw on the inside. Then there’s the problem with overcooked fried foods that have that partially charred exterior and phenomenally bitter taste. Most people simply don’t want to have to deep fry several batches of food until they get the right combination.

If you want to master the art of producing fried foods, an air fryer will make everything simple, easy and predictable. You’ll spend more of your time trying out different batters and seasoning blends on the outside of your foods than pacing by the stove, checking your fried foods to see if they’re fully cooked. Each time you pull something out of your air fryer you will be happy to see that the results are consistent and that the taste is always delicious.

When you use an air fryer you actually open up the number of possibilities as to the kinds of foods that can be fried, but you’ve been too afraid to try frying traditionally. Whether you’ve always wanted to make your own potato chips or simply enjoy the taste of fried foods but can’t be bothered to heat up cooking oil, air frying is a lot more convenient. If your doctor has advised you to stay away from deep fried foods because of high cholesterol or obesity, you can air fry your favorite foods without any guilt.

Don’t be surprised if your favorite restaurant has already ditched their deep fryers in favor of air frying. The fact of the matter is that foods that have been air fried don’t taste any different, they look just as delectable, and the total preparation time is a lot shorter. If you’ve been looking for a reason to add a new appliance to your kitchen, you just received several valid reasons to make the change. Switch over to air frying and start enjoying a healthy outcome.

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