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Sound Check: The Importance of Regular Hearing Tests

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Many people rarely visit a clinic for regular hearing tests. They probably believe they would easily notice the hearing loss and seek timely intervention. However, unlike some diseases that develop quickly, hearing loss is usually slow. Some patients hardly notice slight or gradual changes in their hearing until it is too late. That is why audiologists recommend regular hearing checkups to catch early signs of hearing loss, if any, and seek help. Identifying the baseline hearing can help audiologists assess changes associated with tinnitus or other conditions that lead to hearing loss later. Although exposure to excessive noise is the primary cause of hearing loss, other medical conditions could also lead to hearing loss. Therefore, everyone should go for hearing tests, even those rarely exposed to excessive noise. This article shares more reasons to go for hearing tests.

Timely Intervention

Some people only visit an audiologist when they cannot hear certain sounds. It might take years from the time the problem started to the time they notice significant changes. This means the problem will likely be in advanced stages and require complicated treatment approaches. However, if you test your hearing regularly, the audiologist will easily notice the slightest deviation from the baseline and initiate treatment. If the audiologist detects a problem, they quickly initiate treatment to prevent further deterioration and, if possible, reverse the situation. Timely intervention has a better chance of successful treatment.

Better Response to Treatment

A hearing problem in advanced phases might not respond to treatment quickly. This is because the disease may have already damaged various parts, such as the membranes or cells of the cochlea. Reversing this problem might take time, increasing the cost of treatment and the time under medication. However, people with mild infections or hearing challenges often respond quickly to treatment. They also spend less time and money on treatment and enjoy lasting results. This is not always the case with people who have hearing problems at the advanced stages.

Catching Other Medical Problems

Hearing loss might be a sign of underlying medical problems. If the audiologist suspects that a patient needs further medical tests to rule out other diseases, they can refer the patient to a specialist. The specialist will treat the underlying medical problem causing hearing loss. High blood pressure, for instance, could cause tinnitus. This is because the increased pressure damages some structures in the ear. Therefore, if the audiologist notices the damage in the inner ear, they can help catch high blood pressure and refer the patient for relevant treatment.

Preserve Cognitive Functions

Infections in the ear could affect brain functions. Nobody wants to lose cognitive functions or one of the senses they were born with. Therefore, everyone should undergo screening to catch any hearing issues on time. Effective treatment of the problems causing hearing loss helps preserve optimal cognitive functions. Untreated infections in the inner ear could lead to total hearing loss and lifelong struggles associated with this disability. People with total hearing loss or reduced cognitive functions may be unable to work or earn regular income.

Make Relevant Changes

Patients diagnosed with hearing loss make appropriate changes to manage or reverse the problem. They can change their job by stopping working in a noisy workplace or informing their supervisor about their condition. This can prevent punishment, which may arise if they do not respond to instructions from the boss simply because they cannot hear. Their families also understand the situation, preventing relationship issues.

Hearing loss can affect human life in many ways. These are the main reasons everyone needs regular screening to diagnose and address hearing loss. Therefore, the annual medical checkup should include a hearing test to enjoy these benefits.

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