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The Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Enduring an injury from a collision can be minor, or in some cases, you could be left with life-long disabilities.

Because expert injury attorneys can help you negotiate a fair settlement, you should always consult an injury attorney after an accident. The JLF Firm specializes in fighting personal injury cases from road accidents. Negotiating a settlement without a lawyer can be pretty challenging.

While car accident injuries range from mild to severe, we have listed some of the most common.


Whiplash is an exceptionally prevalent injury that can occur when you suddenly jerk your head back and forth. It’s possible to get whiplash when you suddenly stop your car at high speed to avoid accidents.

It’s known in some cases that patients don’t experience any symptoms immediately; symptoms can also take several days to emerge, which may also be due to the adrenaline and stress of the situation. So, if you have been in any kind of collision, it’s best to visit your doctor for a checkup to ensure you don’t have whiplash or any other hidden injury, such as internal bleeding and others.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are yet another common injury from a collision, especially when seatbelts are absent. Your head will hit whatever is directly in front of you with nothing to slow down the impact.

Brain injuries can cause lifelong complications such as seizures, bleeding on the brain, paralysis, and so many others.

Broken Bones

The harder the accident’s impact, the easier bones can break even with airbags and seat belt protection.

There is also the possibility of a hairline fracture which is not visible unless an x-ray is done. Dislocations and sprains are other common injuries that can be diagnosed and often treated on sight. Still, medical care and correct scans are essential to find out if there are other injuries.

Internal bleeding

Minor internal bleeding can often go unnoticed after an accident, whereas the impacts can be fatal in severe cases. Internal bleeding typically occurs in the chest cavity, stomach cavity, and muscles.

Medical professionals need this type of injury as the problem often worsens when neglected, and the symptoms can be fatal. A weak pulse and coughing up blood are the most common signs of internal bleeding.

Other signs to watch for include dizziness, severe weakness, headaches, nausea, chest pain, and abdominal pain. However, you should always go for a general checkup after an accident, as your healthcare practitioner will identify the signs and symptoms before they worsen.

With all the modern medical advances available these days, we are more likely to survive a severe accident now than ever before. This doesn’t mean you should avoid medical assistance as many injuries can be left unnoticed and only realize it’s severe when it’s too late. Seeking medical care even from a minor accident is essential to avoid any more damage to your body. This will also assist if the accident is taken to court if the law was broken.

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