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Why cocaine is such a prominent problem in the UK right now

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The Guardian wrote recently that cocaine has gone mainstream in the UK, and Generation X is to blame. At present, the UK has the second highest rate of cocaine use in the world, with one in 40 British adults taking the substance.

That equates to 2.7 percent of the population. But why has this happened?

The epidemic is at its absolute worst, with experts saying that the drug can be ordered as easily as a takeaway pizza. Of course, Dominos it ain’t and it’s leading to more overdoses than ever before and more people seeking out cocaine rehab.

Naturally, there are many reasons for this, but recent research is suggesting that it’s largely down to Generation X rather than the youth of today. ONS figures show that in 2003 almost 30% of young people took drugs. Today, that figure has dropped over 10%, with Gen-Zers much more health conscious, ditching drugs and alcohol for smoothies and protein shakes.

But the generation before have grown up with it and now, with disposable income in hand, it’s become the go-to drug to wind down with after a hard week at work.

According to the ONS, cocaine is still largely used by the highest-income groups, and over the years it’s become a more normalised part of a weeknight. Sirin Kale, a journalist for The Guardian said, “To many people, a line of cocaine with a glass of wine on Saturday night is an ordinary sort of thing.”

In fact, such is its commonality these days, The Sun reported traces of the substance were found at the Chelsea Flower Show, churches, fundraisers and even Peppa Pig World!

But why is it the case?

It’s of course a rather turbulent time in the UK at present. There is political unease at present, and has been for many years with the current government tanking the economy. That’s led to money worries while the UK as a whole works some of the longest hours in Europe.

Work-related stress has long been a contributing factor with cocaine commonly associated with white collar workers in the city. But it has lost its class, and it is reaching the young football fans on a Saturday afternoons and the women out to party after a tough week working in the salon.

It’s still being used primarily as a social drug and is now a bigger problem than binge drinking at events such as football, boxing and even concerts.

But what can be done about it?

The government is keen to persuade cocaine users that it is morally wrong, as wel as being illegal and unhealthy, while they are also making sentences for dealing drugs much, much heavier.

The volume of sentences has doubled over four years too, but whether that’s the police catching a higher ratio of drug dealers, or there are just more of them is another story.

In a society where jobs are harder to come by and the cost of living is rising, more people are turning to dealing to make ends meet and create a better life for themselves. Combine that with an active audience of people and, unfortunately, there’s no sign of the problem slowing down.

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