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9 ideal destinations in Europe for this summer

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Summer is always the perfect time for discovering the romantic beauty of Europe.

1. Warsaw – Poland: The capital of Poland is known as “Phoenix City” because of the resurgence and vitality of the city after many devastation. Come to Warsaw, you will be immersed in the romantic beauty of the ancient wall, the paved road characteristic. Summer is the perfect time to visit Warsaw by the cool air, it is ideal if you enjoy a glass of vodka and sit on the street or join in the party of the people here. Photo: StayPoland.

2. Copenhagen – Denmark: Although the area is not large, but the capital of Denmark still gives visitors an enjoyable experience. In the summer, fresh and cool air is suitable for visitors looking at the beautiful city with colorful bicycles, hand-crafted beer in small pubs, or sip on a coffee. seaside. Photo: GettyImages.

3. Corsica – France: Located in the middle of Mediterranean dyed sunny, Corsica is close to Italy but is part of France. The beauty of Corse reconciles modern life and wilderness. The traffic between the cities of Corsica is one of the most beautiful along the coast, one side is the blue of the sea, the other is the color of the mountains. Photo:

4. Stockholm – Sweden: Every season in Stockholm will bring different beauty. If to discover the full beauty and culture of the city should come in the summer, the weather is the most pleasant. In summer, the daylight hours here will be very long, and the night will last only a few hours. Especially, when you come to Stockholm in the summer, you will be attending the largest Swedish festival of the year – the Summer Festival with lots of interesting activities. Photo: Time Out.

5. Endinburgh – Scotland: The capital of Scotland will be the ideal summer destination for those who love ancient beauty. The city of Edinburgh boasts many medieval architecture, magnificent hill-side mansions, vicious sidewalks. Edinburgh is also home to some festive atmosphere. This year as a street festival, culinary festival … Photo:

6. Interlaken – Switzerland: Interlaken is for those who are passionate about mountain-related sports. In summer, the weather is extremely pleasant, suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, hiking, swimming, rowing, canoeing etc. Interlaken. Take a leisurely stroll through the city, enjoy traditional beers and participate in folk concerts. Photo: Getty Images.

7. Lofoten Islands – Norway: Located in the northern hemisphere, the climate and landscapes of the island are always fascinating for nature lovers. For this reason, visitors can experience the feeling of watching the sun at night. Come to Lofoten, you can choose to go hiking or kayaking, so you can admire all the beauty of this land. Besides, many people come here like cycling on the streets here, the road connecting towns and villages peaceful.Photo:
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