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9 reasons you should travel to Canada

Scenery on Emerald Lake (in Yoho National Park)
Written by Jimmy Rustling

The diversity of culture, climate, beautiful scenery … makes Canada a favorite destination and suitable for all visitors.


Canada is famous for the natural beauty of the mountains, glaciers, lagoons lurking in the jungle. Leaves are also attracted by the friendliness, safety and cleanliness of a multicultural country. So, Canada is always considered one of the world’s most livable nations.


1. Own beautiful cities


Vancouver – the beautiful port city of Canada

It is hard for you to visit all the cities of Canada. So, you need to list some places to visit: Vancouver, Calgary, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax and Victoria.


2. Nature majestic


Niagara Falls is located between the border of the United States and Canada, with majestic beauty of the world

Few countries own a large number of natural wonders such as Canada. There are: Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Nahanni National Park Reserve, Cabot Trail, Niagara Falls, Scenic Drives.

3. Expenditures are moderate

Canada is considered one of the most affordable living standards

Canada is a great choice for a vacation with moderate spending. Canadian currency (CdnS) is lower than the US currency and for tourists, the price here is quite reasonable. According to a survey in 2005, Canada is considered one of the most affordable living cities. Toronto ranks 82nd in the high-living city of Ottawa, which is out of the list with the most affordable living standards in North America.

4. Many outdoor activities are fun


Scenery on Emerald Lake (in Yoho National Park)

Scenery on Emerald Lake (in Yoho National Park)

One of the reasons to visit Canada is to engage in exciting outdoor activities. The trails, rivers, lakes, mountains … are excellent locations for outdoor camping, skiing, golfing, fishing, hiking, mountaineering, boating.

5. Big events and festivals


Celebration of Light in Vancouver – Vancouver Fireworks Competition is held in July and August each year

In Canada there is a lot of entertainment and parties through celebrations such as the Celebration of Light in Vancouver, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa , Folk Music and Electronic Music Festival, Quebec Winter Festival …

6. Beauty season 4

Canada is an ideal place for visitors to take part in winter sports

While most Canadians often travel to avoid the cold winter, the opposite is true, so visitors everywhere come here to ski. Canada is a famous destination in the winter, but spring, summer and autumn here also have their own charm and create a great attraction for tourists. With a large area, climate varies from region to region, so activities are streamlined.

7. French cultural heritage


The street corners of France in Quebec

French culture is always maintained, most notably in Quebec, Ontario or in the coastal provinces. Canada is bilingual (English and French), so even if you do not speak French, you are still safe when traveling in Canada.
Founded in 1600, Quebec is today an attractive destination for international travelers. At this point, they feel like they are in Europe with rich history and inheritance, very unique.

8. Have fun with family


Canada – the ideal home of the family

Canada is the top choice for family travel activities. Canada promises to bring great moments of fun and experience for all visitors. You can participate in skiing, hiking, carnival …

9. Diversity


The diversity of culture, climate, and scenery are the reasons that Canada is a destination suitable for all visitors.

The diversity of culture, climate, and scenery are the reasons that Canada is a destination suitable for all visitors. Canada also has a large population of immigrants and this has created a distinct presence in the city, in shops, eateries. Canada also makes visitors admire the beautiful beaches, high mountains to the lake in green.


(According to Go Canada)

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