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Today, almost everyone is available on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. But Instagram is the most popular among all; everyone wishes to grow their Instagram followers. And, if you are an influencer or own a business, it becomes important to grow your Instagram followers.

You might often think how great it will be if I have more Instagram followers? Right?  Likewise, everyone may not express it, but they would love to have more Instagram followers.

If you have a business, you can draw in individuals to purchase your products and services through Instagram, but you will constantly benefit only if you have more followers on Instagram.

If you are an influencer, who wants to earn money by promoting brands, then it is necessary to have more followers on Instagram; otherwise, you may not crack the brand deals.

There is no such guide that will promise you to grow your followers. But, yes, there are some tips that you can use to improve your reach and grow your followers.

In this piece of content, we will provide you with some effective tips that will help you grow your Instagram followers.

10 Major tips for growing your Instagram Followers

1 Prioritize quality over quantity. 

If you think you can get more followers by uploading more posts daily, then it is not true. Many people upload a lot of posts daily but still do not get followers. Generally, 1 to 3 posts per day are considered ideal.

If you bombard your followers’ timeline with your posts, people will consider your posts spam and may even unfollow you. Therefore, try to focus on the quality of your posts rather than quantity. Apart from this, try to be consistent; it will benefit you greatly.

If you cannot click quality pictures or videos on a particular day, then do not post on that day. It is not necessary to post regularly; instead, it is good to post fewer but go for quality ones rather than posting bad-quality pictures and videos.

You can also use Instagram analytics to know the trending posts and videos among your audience. Next, include such content in your Instagram posts.

2 Create your own hashtags.

Hashtags help in the formation of a community by bringing individuals together who share the same interests. The right hashtag can help you reach a wide and targeted audience with the help of your images, videos, and Instagram stories.

Many brands and influencers are now making their own hashtags and empowering their supporters to utilize these hashtags on Instagram. Likewise, you can attempt something similar; it will expand your prominence and grow your followers.

You can repost the photos or recordings of individuals who have utilized your Instagram. In this way, they will feel happy and also be encouraged to use your hashtags.

3 Schedule your posts. 

To grow your followers, you need to post high-quality posts on time. You can use a scheduling tool to schedule your posts in advance. By this, your posts will be automatically posted on Instagram on the mentioned date and time.

You can use various tools to schedule the posts. These tools make your work easy; you no longer have to invest your time in uploading posts at a specific time.

When you schedule your posts, you can engage with your followers regularly. And this will help to increase your followers.

4 Use Instagram stories.

Instagram started as a picture-sharing platform, but it has grown beyond it. Around 500 million stories are shared consistently on Instagram.

With the assistance of Instagram stories, you can rapidly share your life minutes. You can feature your #1 story and keep them on your profile. You can use the location, hashtags, labels, and so forth on stories to produce greater commitment through stories.

The Instagram stories stay only for 24 hours, and people may not be able to see these stories after one day unless you highlight them. Stories may remain only for a short time, but their impact is more.

5 Socialize and comment on other accounts.

This is one of the most useful strategies to increase engagement and followers on Instagram. When you comment on other peoples’ accounts, followers of that account will also be able to see your comments. Thus, people who were still unaware of you will now know about your brand. They might also choose to follow you now.

One must remember that Instagram is a popular interpersonal communication platform where you meet new individuals and develop good relationships with those who share the same interests. Thus, attempt to associate with individuals from your specialty, follow them, create posts similar to theirs, remark on their photographs, share their posts, and so on.

When you like and comment on the other accounts’ posts, you are not just engaging with that account; you are also engaging with their followers. If you do all these activities that we mentioned here,  your visibility will increase a lot, and more people will be able to know you and follow you.

6 Geotag your pictures.

When you visit good places, make sure that you geotag them with your posts. When you do this, people who visited that specific place or planning to visit that place will start following you on Instagram. The reason behind this is the common interests between you and them.

According to psychology, if people have similar interests, they are more attracted to each other. So, if you tag any location and other people like that place, they will start following you as they will find a similarity between you and them.

You may even make your own geotag and generate information around it so that others can use it in the future. Start engaging if you see that others are using your geotag. Begin liking and commenting on posts in which your created geotag is being used.

7 Make a unique and attractive Instagram bio.

Whenever individuals visit your Instagram profile, the primary thing that will appear to them is – your Instagram bio. And there is a lot of worth in the initial feeling. So, you should be inventive and proficient while planning your Instagram bio.

For business accounts, the Instagram bio turns out to be significantly more prominent. It would be best to mention what your business does in your Instagram bio. You can also use targeted keywords to attract a relevant audience to your Instagram account.

One needs to make sure that the Instagram bio is short, simple, attractive, and unique. You can even make use of online tools to design an engaging bio for your account.

8 Give people a reason to follow you

If you are an individual, influencer, or brand, it doesn’t matter if you are unable to provide value or entertainment to people. So, people will only follow you if you are interesting, entertaining, or valuable.

If you are an influencer, you can select a particular niche and then make posts on that niche. Suppose you choose food vlogging, you need to make food-related videos, click attractive pictures, etc. If you select a travel niche, you can visit new places, make videos reels, click images, and upload them on Instagram.

9 Engage with your audience

We have discussed how you can interact with other Instagram accounts to grow your followers. But most importantly, you need to engage with your audience. Many brands get busy getting additional likes and comments from individuals and neglect to engage with their crowd.

You may have noticed that some people like and comment on your post but still do not follow you, so you must engage with these types of people. Every comment of theirs is an opportunity for engaging with them. Try to respond to all the comments on your post; it will benefit you because people like it when someone replies to their comments.

Don’t expect that your audience will begin the discussion with you.  You can post open-finished inquiries in your posts or stories for people to respond to. This will rapidly start the discussion and offer you the chance to draw in more followers.

10 Collaborate with others.

Working in collaboration with others influencers and brands is an incredible method for becoming an Instagram adherent.

You can track down brands and characters from your niche and make recordings, posts, reels, stories, and so forth along with them and post from both of your accounts. . Like this, your visibility will grow, and the other accounts’ followers will likewise know you.

Collaborations also allow you to demonstrate your ideas and personality through association. The companies and people you support and align with tell a lot about you. Through the partnership, you can reach a hyper-targeted audience.


In conclusion, we can clearly say that today Instagram is the most famous web-based entertainment app for individuals as well as brands. Thus, by the best use of Instagram, everyone can be benefitted.

If you are an influencer or a business, increasing followers is very important on Instagram. You can influence them to take your desired action and benefit from it when you have more followers.

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