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Brazilian Quartet of Brazil and slap Belo Horizonte

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Four years ago, Brazil was in the worst nightmare in Belo Horizonte. It’s like a slap in the pride of one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

On June 10, the Brazilian submersed the rival Austria in the score 3-0, resulting in messages sent to the world. From the ashes of the 2014 World Cup, where the “Selecao” 1-1 defeat to the Germans, the team won five times the gold cup confidently all. This summer, wait for it!

“They are playing great football,” Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez said. As Carlos Parreira, the 1994 World Cup champion, said: “From the point of disdain, Brazil is now full of hope for the World Cup.”

Under Tite, Brazil has found the missing piece that led the team to success. They now not only attracted the viewer’s attention, but also defended very firmly. Selecao in the 2018 World Cup has been a mix of balance in the art of attack and romance.


In the 2006 World Cup, Selecao presented Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Adriano. They were given the name “Magic quartet” by the British media.

Already a “mystery quartet”, the danger is certainly not debated. From Russia in June, Selecao will appear “new quadruple”, including Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Philippe Coutinho and Willian. Together, these stars promise to reproduce the classics, beautiful and very effective.

Brazil are the earliest team to reach Russia after the World Cup. So in the eyes of many professionals, Selecao is the best candidate for the championship. Messi is no exception.

Brazil are having many quality attacking players.

Not far off, the power of “fanciful four” in the yellow-green shirt early to show the formidable match with Austria. At Ernst-Happel, Jesus, Neymar, Coutinho and Willian scored in all three goals. Prior to that, Croatia had become a victim of the “Four Quiet Fantasy”.

In Anfield, Brazil faced a lot of difficulties in Croatia’s play-offs and not afraid to rise. This makes them stifling. Not to mention the gap behind the two front defenders always appear a lot, making Selecao not bravely deployed the overwhelming attack.

And then Tite drew his wand and read the note. He brought Neymar into the field, then combined with Willian, Gabriel Jesus, Coutinho to form “quartet”. The clever move of the players has helped Brazil create space. The coordination phase becomes more elegant.

At the open goal, Coutinho straight up the penalty area before the formation of Neymar bundle into the end. This ball, with four Brazilian players close the goal Croatian goalkeeper, they appear on all sides and keep very reasonable distance. Before that, Willian was the initiator of the attack from the middle of the pitch.

In the 3-0 win over Austria, Coutinho suffered a hard time in midfield. He became the constructor of the attack lines. It was easy to see Coutinho sharing the creative burden of Neymar. Brazil is no longer just looking at Neymar rocks.

Coutinho and Neymar will open the door for Brazil.

On ESPN, the amateur footballer of South America commented, “The fictional quartet” is undoubtedly Brazil’s important strategic card on the journey to win the gold medal in Russia this summer. When the team needs new attacks, or break the deadlock, Neymar, Coutinho, Jesus and Willan can meet the expectations.


After the 2002 World Cup, Brazil has never found the perfect play. A Selecao is famous for its all-powerful attacking football that has to give way to defective systems. From Carlos Dunga to Luiz Felipe Scolari, Brazil is no longer Brazil.

In 2010, Dunga crammed into the squad many midfielders hoping not to be overwhelmed in the midfield. The goals were expected through counterattack and fixed. Finally, Brazil was eliminated in the quarterfinals. Four years later, the South American representative played the one-man team, only to depend on Neymar.

Tite coach has brought the perfect for Brazil.

But without Neymar, Brazil was torn Germany to pieces. There is a common point between Dunga and Scolari’s Selecao generation when Brazil during this period used the midline to foul the opponent. They see it as the main way to break the game, tactical team beyond the goal.

The 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup final, Selecao made 26 fouls against Spain. Meet Colombia a year later, they were beaten 31 times by the referee. During his time in Brazil, coach Scolari frequently complained to the home team too little. But the wind changed direction under Tite.

Before Austria, the players only made 8 mistakes. Tite’s philosophy is clear, blaming the opposing team only for the opportunity to win back the ball and the pitch for a new offensive line. The playfulness of the game is that Tite resurrected Selecao from the day he led the team.

Professionals also see Brazil now having more balance. They play pretty much ban. Selecao’s 2018 is very different from human to play style. As Dunga led, his team averaged 431 runs per game, now up 474.

With Tite, Brazil is now very scary.

Average goals scored also increased from 12.5 to 14.5 per game. According to Tite, the ball spreading around the yard easily wear down the force of the enemy.

“Statistics show that 60% of Selecao goals scored in the second half. The transfer and rotation of the ball around the yard to burn the strength of your team players,” coach Tite talk about his philosophy.

Since playing in the Selecao chair, Tite helped the team win 17 of 21 games. They lost only one match. Brazil’s goal was not fumbled, with 47 goals scored and only conceded 5 goals. In addition, there were 16 Selecao matches that ended 90 minutes without conceding.

With Selecao, a 1-7 defeat to Germany four years ago as a slap in the pride of the team. Brazil that year is not strong, the play also lose substance. But things went to the table thanks to Tite, who blew into the team of modern aesthetic and defense.

And before the stubborn opponents, Selecao is not afraid. In the hands of Tite has a “quadrangular fantasy” can always create a surprise.

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