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Cast your mind back to the 1973 Belmont Stakes. The birth of a legend. Horse racing was different then. Compare it to the 2016 Belmont Stakes. Would the famous Hand of God goal by Diego Maradona have stood in modern-day football? Or would some of the rough tactics employed by the Detroit Pistons on Michael Jordan in the late 1980s have been allowed in today’s basketball? These questions are geared to cast your mind back to sports in the past and compare them to today’s sports. As Britain prepares for the Cheltenham Festival Races and searches for the best free bets for betting, let’s take a comparative look at sports, then and now.


Technological advancements have massively influenced the world of sports. It has changed the rules and made more transparent, previously grey areas. In the football world many a time, fair goals were chalked off as a result of an oversight. But since the introduction of technologies like Goal Line Technology and Video Assistant Referees, these have become clearer and have reduced the instances of unfairly disallowed goals and missed rough cases of play. In the sport of horse racing, technology has helped improve the medical aspect of the competition. 3D printing is used to create casts and splints and sometimes prosthetics to aid in recovery from injuries. Technology across sports has been able to help optimise athlete performances through analysis of data. The data is manipulated through a complex series of processes that can help improve performances. Tech has not just enhanced sports in general but also the athlete’s well-being and performances

Facilities and Equipment

Previously, horses used to suffer injuries and other mishaps as a result of low-level facilities, tools and equipment. While it made the sport fun, exciting and unpredictable, it put the jockeys and the horses at various levels of risk. That was then, but now, there are improvements in facilities and equipment with the welfare of the horse and rider at heart. Changes like improved fence structure help enhance the protection of the horses. Post-race cooling and washing down areas within racing tracks, something that was not common in the past is now a regular in modern-day racing tracks. This helps cool the horses and reduce recovery time while having the horse recover fully.


If you are to compare the amount of money involved in modern sports to that of the last 20 years, you would see a big gap. The amount of money that was put into the sports was peanuts. The players were not paid enough and had to get other jobs to support their careers. Fast forward to now. There are vast amounts of money for the athletes in the form of salaries, endorsements and sponsorships. With the amount of money that goes into sponsoring major events, athletes are guaranteed significant portions as compared to the past. Money has changed the face of sports in the modern-day.


Sport is not what it was some 20 or 30 years ago. These changes have positively transformed the face of the sports in so many dimensions. It has made athletes more powerful, faster and has improved performances. Change has also made it available to wide-reaching audiences. It has made them fair and more exciting. Changes include increased finances in the form of pay-outs, sponsorship deals, endorsements and salaries. This makes catapulted athletes from struggling workers to some of the wealthiest people on the planet. There are some pitfalls to some of the changes, but overall, the benefits outweigh the pitfalls.


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