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Top 10 candidates for the 2018 World Cup scorer title

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The famous British Dailymail shows the top 10 candidates for the 2018 World Cup’s top scorer. Notable among them is James Rodriguez (Colombia), the current top scorer. Take down of this player.

The list of scorer candidates is based on the capacity of the candidates, the depth of the teams that the player is wearing, as well as on the opponents that the team has the candidate will face in. VCK World Cup 2018.

1 / Lionel Messi (Argentina). Dailymail’s top scorer for the 2018 World Cup is Messi. The Argentine star scored 45 goals in his 54 league games in Barcelona last season.

Messi is one of the top scorers in the 2018 World Cup

Is the best player of the 2014 World Cup, and is still the first hope of Argentina football in the gold trophy in Russia. Argentina’s initial advantage in general and Messi in particular are that they are in the minor league table with Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria.

2 / Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal). Messi’s top scorer is Ronaldo. The defending champion of Europe has 44 goals against Real Madrid on all fronts in the 2017-2018 season, which is just one point behind Messi.

Messi’s No. 1 challenge is Ronaldo

Portugal’s Ronaldo is in Group B along with Spain, Iran and Morocco. Of these, apart from Spain, the other two are not Ronaldo’s Portuguese opponents.

3 / Antoine Griezman (France). Another star from La Liga. He scored 29 goals in 49 games at Atletico Madrid last season and Griezman contributed to the Spanish side’s second in La Liga as well as the Europa League. Two years ago, Griezman missed out on the European championship to Ronaldo and Portugal, now determined to win the World Cup.

Euro 2016 scorer Antoine Griezman was also highly rated

4 / Neymar (Brazil). Only played 30 games in PSG (France) last season, but still scored up to 29 goals. Injured at the end of the season, but recovering to the 2018 World Cup. Like Messi in Argentina and Ronaldo in Portugal, all hope of Brazil is placed in Neymar.

Neymar is Brazil’s top hope

5 / Harry Kane (England). Representing the new generation of English football. Tottenham’s captain scored 41 goals in 48 games for the 2017-2018 season. Kane’s great advantage in competing for the top scorer is that England are in the lightweight league with Belgium, Panama and Tunisia. Of these, Panama and Tunisia are two of the weakest teams in the World Cup this year.

Harry Kane is very ambitious at this year’s World Cup

6 / Romelu Lukaku (Belgium). Belgians do not hesitate to hit hard Benteke is also to give the land for Lukaku comfortable talent in Russia. That details the importance of Lukaku with the team is called the “Red Devils” how great.

With Lukaku, can the Belgian team advance?

Supported by two talented midfielders, Hazard and De Bruyne, have two more games against weak opponents Panama and Tunisia, Lukaku ability to score many goals in the World Cup group is very high.

7 / Robert Lawandowski (Poland). Referring to the nominees for the scorer title without mentioning Lewandowski is flawed. The famous Polish striker scored 41 goals in 48 matches last season.

In terms of personal talent, Lewandowski is no stranger to any striker

Lewandowski’s disadvantage is that his Polish side is not among the big names in world football, so he does not have many teammates on par with him. However, as Poland only sits with Senegal, Colombia and Japan, Lewandowski’s ability to score many goals after the group stage.

8 / Timo Werner (Germany). The stranglehold of the defending World Cup team can be a surprise at the 2018 World Cup. Werner’s highly rated Thomas Muller also showed the player’s ability. Germany only meet South Korea, Mexico and Sweden in the group stage also considered a big advantage for Werner.

“Strange Bird” by Timo Werner of Germany

9 / Rodrigo (Spain). A strange name or other than the majority of football fans in the world. Defeat Morata to fill the squad, more than Diego Costa, perhaps Rodrigo has the qualities that the world football has not seen.

The man who took Morata’s place in the Spanish team was striker Rodrigo or striker

10 / Fyador Smolov (Russia). The home side’s striker is probably the most under-rated of the top scorers this year. However, Russia has won Oleg Salenko unexpectedly the title of “Golden Boot” World Cup 1990 can quite hope for Smolov.

Smolov will become the new “Oleg Salenko” of the Russian team?

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