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Top 20 most powerful clubs in Europe: Real Madrid is not the No. 1

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According to Euro Club Index data provided by Gracenote data company, Real Madrid is not the most powerful club in Europe, despite the fact that the club has just won the Champions League.

Real Madrid have won the Champions League in the 2017/18 season. However, based on the Euro Club Index (provided by the Gracenote data company), Los Blancos is not the number one European club.

Real Madrid only ranked second on the Euro Index even though Champions League champions

According to the explanation, the Euro Club Index is based on the performance of the clubs in each match (based on the specific indicator for each team, for example strong teams won the weak team will not receive many points). In addition, the club also added points because of the trophy in the European Cup.

Barcelona were Europe’s best team last season with 4333 points, while Real Madrid were in second place with 4190 points, down one place from last year. Bayern Munich ranked third with 4053 points.

Juventus ranked No. 4 with 4037 points (up by 1 place), Man City up three places to fifth. Other places in the top 10 were PSG (Friday), Atletico Madrid (7th), Napoli (8th) ), Tottenham (9th), MU (10th). Meanwhile, at the Champions League runner-up, Liverpool rose eight places to 11th.

Top 20 most powerful clubs in Europe: Real Madrid is not the No. 1

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