A guide to surviving a business trip to Perth

The idea of travelling for work usually involves exploring new places and having exciting adventures, especially if the city you’re travelling to is as cosmopolitan and appealing as Perth, one of Australia’s biggest and most developed cities. However, the excitement can diminish when what started as a trip every three months becomes a weekly one, where you spend most of your time going from one meeting to the next.

Since you have no choice but to travel to Perth, in this article we would like to give you a few tips to help you enjoy yourself, or at least feel less stressed, on your business trip.

Make sure you unwind

Travelling for work doesn’t mean you have to spend 24 hours a day working. It’s normal to forget to switch off when you are not following your normal office hours, especially when you are spending the whole day with your boss and colleagues. But it is still important to set aside some free time to breathe and relax, just like you would in your normal routine. This could be going for a walk to admire the natural beauty of Swan Valley, relaxing in your room with a book, or treating yourself and spending a night with a companion, because there will for sure be sexy escorts waiting for you in Perth.

Plan your trip in advance

Organising where you will eat and how you will get from the airport to your hotel and from there to your daily meetings will help keep you from stressing out. Perth’s airport has many transport options available, including Uber, traditional taxis, and a wide-reaching public transport network. If you have to call a meeting, Perth offers many coworking spaces you can book so that you can work in peace. One example is Cleaver Street Coworking Studio. To round off your day with a relaxed dinner, we recommend the restaurants Petition Kitchen and Garum.

Remember to take care of yourself

This is aimed to all of those who will be away for work for more than a week: eat well and exercise.

We know it can be difficult to follow a healthy diet and carry on with your daily exercise routine when you are away, and even more so when you barely have any free time and you’re eating out every day. But we still believe it’s essential to take care of yourself in order to feel good and be able to give your best at work.

No time to go to the gym, or hard to find one that lets you sign up for just a few days? Then an alternative could be to walk instead of taking the bus or subway, or go jogging at sundown and enjoy the beautiful city of Perth while working out.

Overall, we recommend that in order to make your business trip as easy as possible and avoid any unexpected problems, you should plan your trip in advance.

We also advise you to stick to your usual routine as much as possible, dedicating a few hours to resting and switching off from your day. And why not take the opportunity to travel to Perth and visit this amazing city to soak up the Aussie culture? We’re sure these tips will help you get the most out of your trip, and be more motivated than ever!

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