Check Out These Surprising Festivals of Japan

Japan is a land with ample traditions and folklore. The country has gained worldwide popularity owing to its strange customs and practices. There are enough eerie festivals in Japan that you will never get bored there. This article will take a look at some of them.

Tounin Gyouji

There is a story by the name Yamata no Orochi. The story goes like this: Susanoo, the Japanese god of storms, slays a giant eight-headed serpent in order to save a woman from being swallowed by the reptile.

To honor this tale, people all over Japan celebrate this festival. The strangeness of the festival can be attributed to the event that takes place during the festival. In the event, a single man is seen riding on the back of a cow. He is shown to be unconscious during the festival.

Otaue Matsuri

Sumo wrestling is a popular sport in Japan, and this sport holds immense cultural importance too. Sumo wrestling has had a significant impact on global sports also. During Otaue Matsuri, we get to witness Sumo wrestling but with an odd twist. In this rice-planting festival, a sumo wrestler has to fight with a deity.

It is believed that if the deity defeats the human wrestler, then there is a promise of abundant harvest next year. The deity does not appear obviously, but it is a sight to behold seeing the wrestler there fighting alo

Paantu Punaha

Paantu Punaha is regarded as a fun festival. However, the festival does give the chills to children when they see men covered with mud and leaves, wines, and roots sticking to their bodies. The mud-clad people are known as Paantos, and they are used as a figure to scare children into obeying their parents.

The festival intends to eliminate bad luck from society. Almost everything is covered in mud, be it houses, cars, bikes, etc. The festival is celebrated in early September.


No one actually knows what the word ‘Hetomato’ means. And no one knows how this festival originated or why it is actually celebrated. Some young people assemble and put up a huge zori straw sandal, and they try finding an unmarried woman.

If they succeed in their search, they put her atop the zori and make it higher. To learn more about such spooky festivals, head over to Betway.

Akutai Matsuri

This festival is something you wouldn’t have imagined even in your wildest dreams. During Akutai Matsuri, hundreds of spectators gather and boo men dressed in white cloth for stress relief. It is an effective way of releasing pent up emotions and anger.

If yelling is something you like doing but can’t do it in a civilized society, this festival is for you. They also hold a contest before the commencement of the festival in which participants have to hurl insults as loud as possible. Whoever insults in the loudest voice is declared the winner. The festival is celebrated in late December.

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