Do Men and Women Have Different Preferences in Choosing Online Slots?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

It’s a general belief that men are more prone to taking high risks, and thus when it comes to gambling, they are seen more often. The idea is quite outdated. In today’s scenario, men and women both prefer playing slots irrespective of gender. Recent studies revealed active women’s participation in online gambling. Some say it’s the best way of easing stress, and some others say they play for fun. The recent investigation around the topic shows that men usually prefer casino type sport while females lean towards a slot category in general. Men are more likely to participate in games that are skill-based such as poker, whereas ladies rely on ‘Lady Luck’.

The Psychology behind Gender Preferences

Studies reveal that it’s a matter of choices and the underlying psychology that lets men and women choose different slots. Some of them are mentioned below:

  •  Male players always have a subconscious mind to dominate people and get their success in the game whereas ladies want a game for fun and would channelize it for more socializing;
  •  Males are more interested in exhibiting skills, whereas females usually prefer games that revolve around luck;
  •  Men usually choose games like craps, card games, poker, etc. that give them a thrill, and women typically prefer something like simple slots and lottery;
  •  Males are generally open to investment, whereas females are a bit hesitant when it comes to investing an appreciable amount of money;

The above choices usually exist when it comes to land-based casinos, whereas internet slots often grant everybody the opportunity to try different enjoyments. Such places don’t hold gender bias as a part of maintaining complete transparency in the system.

Money Investment in the Game

A detailed overview of the amount of money spent by both the genders will get you the perfect idea about males and females who are into gambling. The former often seemed optimistic and were willing to deposit a considerable amount in the game. They will hone their skills and strategy into a whole new level to win the game. Women usually are seen as pessimistic; they keep a safe amount of money with them without spending much on the slot. They will be more bothered about the ensuing disappointments if the game loses.

Women and Online Slots

A recent survey by Harray (2006) had underlined a significant finding of men and women participation in online slots. It’s found that about 81% of women gamblers are interested in playing simple slots like Golden Goddess, whereas men aren’t seen that often in comparison with the casinos on the floor where men were always a majority. Ladies find table games less entertaining. There are even reports that ladies prefer slots with great TV characters. Thus, many interfaces use this technique to grab more lady gamblers into the world of gambling. Some of the games female gamblers prefer are mentioned below:

  •  Roulette Games
  •  Wild Diamonds
  •  Fruit Machine
  •  Vegas X Casino
  •  Online Bingo
  •  Lotteries
  •  Free Spins
  •  Progressive Jackpots

Ladies usually get into slot machines that provide an attractive user interface. The theme should be exciting and straightforward for them to continue playing. It is also noticed that women lose interest in the game so fast once they lose and will be trying one after the other. They take the machine as a place to have fun and good entertainment and cannot withstand disappointments. Usually, women are seen as interested in gambling in the later stage of their life.

Men and Online Slots

Gambling has always been a familiar field for men, for which there have been many casino centres, betting shops, etc. With internet services getting prevalent, it equalized the opportunity of both men and women. However, men take online gambling more seriously in terms of money. They learn the tricks and strategies and use their overpowering skills to gain profit out for fit. Men usually prefer games such as poker, marvel themed entertainments, etc. that are, in turn, complicated for women to try their luck. There are fewer females who use skills to play online.  With the online game getting more gender-sensitive, there is even a difference in the user window design. Male players usually prefer games that are more masculine and dominant, with their favourite male characters onboard in the window. They also prefer table games. They are action gamblers in comparison with women who are escape gamblers. The recent surveys inform that 70% and above men are interested in online betting and 30 % online poker players. Only less than 25 % of men prefer online slots. Male players also like playing a niche that has their favourite heroes in it. Some popular entertainments are given below:

  •  Family Guy
  •  The Walking Dead
  •  Playboy
  •  Little Green Men Slot


With a drastic shift of gambling from men’s dominance, gender has become a less significant yardstick by which you may categorize the folks who are great internet gamblers. However, personal preference and behavioral attitudes make them differ in their selection of internet entertainment. With online gambling getting gender-sensitive, there are even apps that are developed to attract a particular gender. None of the gaming services keep any gender specification for players apart from the gender-specific design. Women take slots as a way for enjoyment and socializing and invest their leisure time on it, whereas men take it seriously to generate profit out of it. Females usually prefer simple games that don’t require much effort, and men opt for strategic plays. The investment of male players will be much higher than the female. There are exceptional cases, and though there are great women gamblers, this is a general conclusion from the years of pieces of information of people in the field of playing slots. With the internet getting into every part of the world, the access of people to such services is quite high with several men and women ready to try online machines for entertainment.

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