What New Technology Will Affect Online Gambling in 2021?


While the world still struggles to return to normal after 2020, technology never stops improving. With people stuck at home, new gambling technology has emerged see it here. As sites add new features, directories in Hungary expand to help players find the perfect online casinó. Gambling companies are now forced to innovate to stay ahead in a new and populated market. You can expect to see many new ideas to improve your online gambling experience in the future.

3D and VR Games

Lockdown restrictions in Hungary’s casinos have many players looking at online options. Unfortunately, while the online experience still offers most games that players would want, many will miss the physical experience. Most sites have live casino games that let you play and interact with a real dealer. Other options include 3D slots that create more immersive gameplay. As these sites become more popular because of the pandemic, companies are looking to replicate the feeling of real casinos further.

Virtual reality headsets have been around for over a decade, but casinos have only adopted them now. Devices like the Oculus Rift can immerse players in realistic world’s right from their home. The first experimental VR casino opened in 2016, so it’s a relatively new technology. With more Hungarian casinos expanding into the online space, 2021 looks forward to VR, providing fresh and sociable online gameplay. Our expert Péter Deli believes changes like these will take the online experience to new heights. You can view his profile here.

Increased Competition

With regular gamblers forced to take their money online, many new casino sites are trying to take advantage of the situation. The online gambling scene in Hungary is still only 7 years old. Casinos have now partnered with major gambling platforms like GiG to create competitive online sites. New features for sites are the focus of casino technology in 2021. Without constant innovations, companies will fall behind as the market becomes crowded.

Gambling laws in Hungary say that only the 11 licensed casinos in the country can operate online. This puts people in a unique position as the competitive environment is small compared to the rest of the world. Customers can still find a variety of options, and the stricter regulations work to keep you safe.

Awareness of Gambling Addiction

The popularity of online gambling could lead to the risk of addiction. The ability to play anytime and the boredom from being stuck inside contribute to unhealthy play. Luckily Hungary’s online scene is new and highly regulated. Unfortunately, people who struggle with addiction will still find it hard to resist. As sites become more popular, additional features are being added to help those that struggle to control their habits.

Alongside the standard support hotlines, most sites let you set spending and losing limits to lock yourself out of playing. This is becoming a common feature for gambling sites. Improvements on this technology will let everyone enjoy their hobby in a fun and safe way.

Mobile Apps

As gambling technology improves, so do mobile devices. Modern smartphones function as pocket computers that can host full online casinos. Not every online player will be able to or want to use a computer. With land-based casinos not an option for many, the number of mobile players will increase.

Sites that don’t offer an app could suffer under increased competition. Apps in the future need to take full advantage of mobile devices to provide a similar experience for mobile and computer users.


With so many choices for online gambling, casinos must stay ahead of the curve. By researching and creating new technology, they can offer a site that lets players safely enjoy their hobby under lockdown.

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