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Grand Winter Sale: Get Washing Machines on Affordable No Cost EMI

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Today, washing machines are aided by impressive technologies that make your clothes cleaner and your power bills lower. For example, Haier’s Inverter Direct Drive Motor technology cuts energy requirements by 40% and Lloyd’s Tangle Free Pulsator technology creates efficient water currents to not only clean your clothes better, but also keep them free from twists and knots.

So, this New Year, bring home a brand-new, powerful and efficient washing machine. Make your household chores easier and add a bit of style to your life by buying a Lloyd washing machine or a Haier washing machine on No Cost EMI starting at just Rs.610.

You can get the most compelling prices when you shop for a washing machine on EMI from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. The Network is present across 1,300+ cities in India and boasts of over 1 million products sold through more than 60,000 partner sellers. With over 1 crore registered members, you can be sure that the Network will provide you with the best  Lloyd washing machine or Haier washing machine EMI schemes. Here you can buy your washing machine at No Cost EMI, avail of a pre-approved loan of up to Rs.4 lakh and choose a repayment tenor of 3 to 24 months.

Minimal documentation, minimal or no processing fees, and a swipe of your EMI Network Card is all that’s required to take home your brand new washing machine. Availing of the No Cost EMI option means that you will not be paying any additional costs over and above the price of the washing machine. If you do have an EMI Network Card yet, you can get in-store financing by talking to the store representative.

Now let’s take a look at a few of the top washing machines you can get at the Grand Winter Sale.

Haier front load fully automatic 7.5kg (HW75-BD12756NZP) washing machine

Machine dimensions (w x d x h): 595mm x 460mm x 845mm

Wash capacity: 7.5kg

Colour: Golden

Type: Front load

Control: Fully automatic

Key takeaways:

  • Tired of a loud washing machine? This Haier washing machine comes with an Inverter Direct Drive Motor. This system reduces vibration noise and cuts down the energy requirements by up to 40%. Additionally, this front load Haier washing machine comes with a European Energy Level A certificate. Courtesy this breakthrough innovation, you will now have a quieter and more efficient wash.
  • The machine is constructed using Laser Seamless Welding technology. This technology increases the lifespan of your machine and ensures that your clothes are handled more efficiently and with greater care.
  • Its Anti-Bacteria technology keeps the washing environment safe by eliminating 99% of the bacteria growth inside the machine. This greatly reduces chances of any ailments or infections.
  • The Near Zero Pressure technology allows the machine to work properly even at low water pressure levels of 0.001-0.02 Mpa.

Haier top load fully automatic 7kg (HWM70-789FNZP) washing machine

Machine dimensions (w x d x h): 520mm x 930mm x 550mm

Wash capacity: 7kg

Colour: Grey, with a transparent lid

Type: Top load

Control: Fully automatic

Key takeaways:

  • With 7kg of washing capacity, this Haier washing machine with top load features can handle your household needs with ease.
  • The transparent lid and titanium grey cover adds a degree of elegance and style to your machine. No longer will your washing machine look stale, big and boring in your home, thanks to its stylish floral exterior.
  • If you suffer from low water pressure levels in your area, you need not fret as this machine is aided by Haier’s NZP technology. It works at pressure levels as low as 0.001 Mpa!
  • This washing machine comes with a bright LED display to give you all the information you need at a quick glance.
  • The wash programs available on this machine include cotton, delicate, quick wash, daily wash, jeans, sport, rinse and spin. Use these varying modes to optimise your wash cycles.

Lloyd fully automatic front load 7kg (LWMF70AW) washing machine

Machine dimensions (w x d x h): 598mm x 535mm x 850mm

Wash capacity: 7kg

Colour: White and blue

Type: Front load

Control: Fully automatic

Key takeaways:

  • The in-built sensor on this machine automates your washing chores. The amount of water, detergent and power to be consumed is computed by analysing the water level, lid opening frequency, laundry weight, and load imbalance.
  • You can get information on the status of your wash by taking a quick look at the informative LED display.
  • This Lloyd washing machine comes with a flower diamond drum that is further aided by the magic drum ribbon. Using these features, you can benefit from a better, more efficient wash.

Lloyd fully automatic top load 7.2kg (LWMT72H) washing machine

Machine dimensions (w x d x h): 550mm x 550mm x 950mm

Wash capacity: 7.2kg

Colour: White and brown

Type: Top load

Control: Fully automatic

Key Takeaways:

  • Lloyd pre-loads fuzzy logic powered algorithms into this washing machine to efficiently compute the amount of water, power and detergent you will require for every wash.
  • The Bubble Wash Technology quickens the process of getting the detergent to spread over all of the clothes in the drum. It does this more efficiently, giving you an overall improved cleansing action.
  • Strong water currents are created via the 3D waterfall wash feature. This technology creates a push-pull effect that efficiently removes dirt from all your clothes.
  • The Mini wash feature gives you the option of getting small amounts of clothing (less than 2 kg) washed quickly. Save on power and water and get your clothes done in 24 minutes!
  • To help get tough stains removed, this washing machine uses a Hot Wash feature, which brings up the temperature to 30-degrees an instant.

Along with all these top-notch features, you can also get the best deals on washing machines by buying one during the Grand Winter Sale. Haier and Lloyd washing machines come with fully automated functionalities and give you a range of top load and front load products to choose from. To kick-start your purchase, check your pre-approved offer. Doing so you get an instant approval and access to a high-value loan amount.

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