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TikTok Reforming the Music Industry

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Music listeners mostly use TikTok for the discovery of songs. Music marketers, creators, musicians, and labels swamp TikTok with tracks. The platform has recorded several positive impacts on the music industry and artist promotion on TikTok.

A crucial music marketing tool

Tracks on TikTok can receive organic traffic even when they have been released decades ago. Marketers pay influencers for song promotion, facilitating their take-off. As a result, there will be a trend of posts about the promoted track generated by the influencers’ fans. In an attempt to ensure that their music on the app go viral, some musicians arrange private listening meetings with the platform’s influencers.

ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, filed a trademark application that suggested the company may launch its streaming service. Recently, it unveiled SoundOn, a music distribution platform. Besides, TikTok’s global team creates new ways of using the app’s influence to generate recurring revenue. This group works with musicians and labels, and bargains with rights holders concerning licensing deals.

The industry’s observation of the app is not baseless. Often, tracks that went viral on TikTok rank on famous music charts. Besides, 67% of the app’s users may search music streaming services for songs they heard on TikTok. The platform has become a center for the latest releases and previously recorded music promotion by labels. A new team of music marketers evolved on social networks to assist the marketing efforts on TikTok.

Promotion of songs by TikTok creators

Song promotion transactions are a crucial source of revenue for the platform’s creators. A single-track promotional video can earn income for users.

Music campaigns by micro-influencers

More marketers now act as micro-influencers for music campaigns than superstars. This change resulted from the content saturation of the platform and the growth of the TikTok user base. A co-founder of Homemade Projects, Zach Friedman, pointed out that the cost of hiring a megastar for music promotion is high. According to Friedman, a micro-influencer’s promo video can receive 10 million views at a lesser fee.

Paying non-influencers for music promotion

In addition to hiring TikTok influencers for tracks’ promotion, labels pay non-influencers to use specified music for their videos’ backgrounds. According to Insider, the approach exposes the songs used and gets viewers become interested in them. For instance, an account on hydraulic press may support the exposure of music by using it in its video’s background.

Trigger user-created videos through music challenges

Some marketers offer social media users the opportunity to receive payment for music promotion. Musicians and labels use platforms such as Preffy and Pearpop for the creation of challenges, inviting TikTok users to create videos. Users who participated in the music campaign will receive payment. Despite the size of the follower base, any user can participate in the challenge.

Dedicated teams from record labels monitor TikTok so that they can support a trending track as it begins to gather steam. Tarek Al-Hamdouni from RCA Records revealed that a boost in YouTube viewers’ figures and Spotify streams are signals used to assess the success of

TikTok’s music campaigns

TikTok is ideal for the promotion of new releases. However, musicians may use the platform earlier during their music content creation process. Due to their popularity on TikTok, mashups and remixes have become promotional tools. Consequently, marketers and labels join creators of such music content to promote the latest releases. Such a collaboration exposes the music to a broader audience.

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