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Essential Tips To Eliminate Duplicate Images Online

Written by Jimmy Rustling

If you have many identical or similar pictures on your computer, laptop, cloud, or smartphone, you need a special online tool to find and delete duplicate pictures. These multiple copies of the same photo not only take up a lot of storage space but also significantly slow down your computer and other devices.

However, you can easily find these hidden copies using free and paid duplicate picture cleaners. The best way to delete duplicate photos is to avoid creating them or importing them to your computer. Learn how to avoid creation and how to search by image and delete duplicate photos from your media collection.

There are many ways to take pictures, and we can copy them to our computer. This makes it difficult to organize and find our photos.

Using Reverse Image Search Tool

Finding duplicate images of different styles, sizes, and qualities is no longer a problem. Reverse photo search enables users to find similar images on the Internet immediately. The picture search algorithm searches hundreds of online databases to find the most suitable image. Have you saved the picture on your laptop or mobile phone, but you don’t know who clicked on such a beautiful picture? visit, as this picture search tool will quickly find the owner and duplicate a certain picture. The image lookup tool is error-free and provides reliable results. For people with basic technical skills, improving image quality is a challenge.

To find the duplicate drag the image to the search bar and you will get detailed information about it. No matter what the topic of your sample is, there is a lot of information on the website. You can use pictures instead of text input. On various objects available in the example.

The reverse image search utility will show the best version of each image to complete your work perfectly. You can find images and eliminate duplicate photos online. If someone uses your picture you can search by image to get the details and claim that ownership of the pictures.

Use The Same Duplicate Detection In Google Photos

Google tries to use the same duplicate detection to avoid complete duplication. This will scan the content and metadata of all the images you upload to the cloud and make sure they have not been uploaded yet. It is very easy to use because it automatically searches by image and deletes duplicates without user intervention. There are some deletion restrictions, and you can take steps to make this feature more effective.

Worst Case Scenario: How To Manually Delete Duplicate Photos From Google

If you find that neither the built-in software nor third-party applications can delete all the duplicate photos, the best way is to manually check and delete them. This takes time, but it is usually unnecessary.

1.     Find Duplicate Pictures

Search by image and find the same pair. Since Google sorts them by date, they are more likely to be together, and you are not. Move back and forth.

2.     Open The Photo And Look For The Trash Can Icon

You can click on the picture to take a closer image lookup and see the different options. There is a trash can icon in the upper right corner, you need to select this icon to delete the image.

3.     Delete duplicates

Click the “Move to Trash” button to delete the image. If you delete the wrong picture, it will remain in the recycle bin for 60 days, but it cannot be restored after this period.

Custom File Numbering Scheme 

To delete duplicate photos, we need to start from the source, your camera. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything with your phone because you have set up a file numbering plan for your phone. Fortunately, most modern mobile phones already use search by image and continuous file naming schemes. If your phone is the only camera you use, you can skip this step.

Modern standalone digital cameras (they are just cameras, not your phone) have different file naming schemes. The two most common schemes are continuous and automatic restart. The sequential file naming scheme numbers your images sequentially from 0001 to 9999 and then resets them to 0001. This means you will get 10,000 pictures (yes, actually 9999) and a picture number. This is the first good measure to avoid duplicate files.

Do Not Transfer The Copied Photos To Your Computer

Of course, if you do not transfer the copied photos, you will not have a copy. But you understand that achieving this search by image goal is very difficult, especially if you will not delete every photo after transferring data from the memory card. The advantage of avoiding duplicate file transfers is to use duplicate detection software.

Bottom line:

So you have multiple online platforms, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, but they all perform their own duties with search by image. There are many other deduplication programs, but many of them contain advertisements or are associated with unwanted software.


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