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And the most completely unnecessary barrel roll award goes to…

Eric Casebolt barrel roll
Written by Ben Davis

…Police officer Eric Casebolt, of the McKinney pool party video! Congratulations!

mckinney pool party

911 Dispatcher: All units in the area, please respond to a disturbance at a pool party in progress.

Eric Casebolt: How is the terrain there? Good for doing barrel rolls?

911 Dispatcher: Not sure, probably good? There’s black kids there though.

Eric Casebolt: On it!

Eric Casebolt barrel roll award

UPDATE: Officer Eric Casebolt from the McKinney Police Department has resigned. Even though he used excessive force and was completely out of control, he sure could do an amazing barrel roll. His antics will be missed.

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    • Yes, they are pretty bad. Most unbecoming. Regarding the young lady who was attacked by the mean police officer. She should wait a few years until Sharia Law takes effect then she will be taken to the local football field and beheaded for running her mouth and wearing a bikini. Yep, that will solve everything for everyone.

  • In my heart, I want to believe he didn’t trip, I want to believe it was planned. Eric Casebolt thought, “How awesome would it be if I did a barrel roll right now? These kids would think I’m so cool.” And then that crazy bastard did one. Good for him!

  • Ben, are you sure that is the same officer? I thought that was his back-up arriving on scene.

    You need to watch this video. Scripture says in the final day there will be prophets and prophetesses. This lady is awesome. She shoots from the hip a she sees beyond her own prejudices.

    Eva Cagle This lady is awesome. She is absolute proof that there is intelligent life out there, even if it is rare and hard to find. She is now my new hero. Scripture says that in the final days there will be prophets and prophetesses.
    Kisa Jackson

    McKinney Police… Was it Right or Wrong???

    Texas Mother ‘ Kisa Jackson ‘ Responds to McKinney Pool Party
    A Texas mother’s video response to the national furor over a YouTube clip showing a McKinney police officer grabbing a 15-year-old girl and throwing her to the…You Tube1,000,000 views. Take a look:

    Eva Cagle Eva Cagle This lady is my new hero. What a lady. She is right on every point about the incident. She sees clearly and she speaks honestly about the events. Most important she sees the police officer as a person not an evil icon. WE MUST LOOK TO OUR OWN PREJUDICES BEFORE WE CAN JUDGE OTHERS PREJUDICES, THIS INCLUDES PPL OF RACE AND COLOR. It is too easy to sit in a church and listen to rhetoric, but until you actually walk into a white church and see the families, of mixed race inside those churches, you cannot judge for yourself what the reality of today really is. The fears that guided and controlled the past have now passed. The reality today is integrated families not schools or neighborhoods, BUT FAMILIES. Most police officers are just ppl. trying to serve and protect and go home at the end of the day. THIS LADY SHOULD BE HEARD AND HEARD OFTEN. HANNITY AND FOX NEWS SHOULD HAVE HER ON THEIR NETWORK. She is a modern day Prophet. I applaud her. She is a gem amongst so much fodder. God Bless this Lady. AMEN!

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