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Donald Trump: The Least Charitable Billionaire In The World

Donald Trump
Written by Ben Davis

Although Donald Trump has described himself as an “ardent philanthropist,” he has only donated $3.7 million to his own foundation. In comparison, a wrestling company has given Trump’s foundation $5 million. He ranks among the least charitable billionaires in the world.

During the Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump, the presidential aspirant used his rebuttal time to remind the audience–and a dais of tormentors–that he had “seven billion fucking dollars in the bank.” He delivered this rebuke with the kind of pure joy seen when a boy discovers Santa has brought him a puppy for Christmas.

More than his towering ego, vituperative tongue, or peculiar hairstyle, money has defined Trump during the 30-plus years he has spent in the public eye. He frequently brags of his billions, and even sued a journalist who had the nerve to question whether those 10-figure pronouncements were severely inflated.

Now that Trump is again threatening to run for president–and has, for the first time, gained some political traction thanks to his embrace of the “birther” movement–The Smoking Gun has examined how the 64-year-old developer has spent some of that massive fortune. Specifically, Trump’s philanthropy over the past 20 years, which has been channeled through the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

A TSG review of the group’s Internal Revenue Service returns dating back to 1990 reveals that Trump, the foundation’s president, may be the least charitable billionaire in the United States.

How miserly is The Donald?

From 1990 through 2009, Trump has personally donated a total of just $3.7 million to his foundation, which was incorporated in 1987. In fact, the billionaire is not even the largest contributor to his own charitable organization.

Tax returns show that World Wrestling Entertainment has given Trump’s foundation a total of $5 million in return for the developer’s assistance in working a couple of televised angles along with WWE boss Vince McMahon. The WWE gave Trump’s foundation $4 million in 2007 for his help in promoting that year’s WrestleMania festivities, and another $1 million in 2009, when Trump (pictured below with McMahon) pretended to purchase part of the WWE empire.

The real estate titan’s foundation has also banked $205,000 from media outlets and supermarket tabloids in return for exclusive photos (People magazine, for example, paid the foundation $150,000 in 2006 for the first shots of Trump’s newborn son Barron).

During the past two decades, the Trump foundation has made charitable contributions totaling a paltry $6.7 million.

Both the amount of money Trump has donated to his own foundation as well as the aggregate contributions made by the not-for-profit group are pitiful when compared to the philanthropy of other high-profile tycoons like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, David Geffen, or S.I. Newhouse.

For example, in 2008 alone, Bloomberg’s charitable contributions totaled $235 million. In 2009, Ellison gave his medical foundation stock worth $73.2 million, according to IRS records. Newhouse’s foundation reported making donations totaling $11.8 million on its 2009 IRS return. And a tax return filed last year revealed that the late entertainer Johnny Carson even left his charitable foundation $156 million.

Trump’s miniscule donations have also been dwarfed by the charitable contributions of Leona Helmsley, whom Trump took great pleasure in mercilessly skewering. Helmsley, who died in 2007, left billions to her charitable trust, which last month alone made donations totaling $12.93 million (or nearly twice what Trump’s foundation has donated in the past 20 years).

In the aftermath of national tragedies like September 11 and Hurricane Katrina–when public figures worth a fraction of Trump were donating seven figures to relief organizations–the billionaire apparently misplaced his checkbook somewhere in his triplex atop Trump Tower.

Helmsley, by comparison, gave $5 million to the American Red Cross when New Orleans was submerged, and, post-9/11, she gave $5 million to the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund.

In 2006, Trump’s foundation did give $1000 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund, a controversial Scientology program (co-founded by Tom Cruise) that promoted a “purification rundown” for firemen and others who inhaled toxins while working near the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center.

While the Trump foundation’s 2010 tax return won’t become public until later this year, it seems unlikely–if history is any indication–that any groups providing aid in the wake of last January’s Haiti earthquake received money from the billionaire.

Philanthropy, of course, is not the sole province of a particular political party. Both George Soros and the Koch brothers–boogeymen from the left and right, respectively–are remarkable philanthropists. Nor is Trump, or anyone else for that matter, required to donate a penny to charity.

But for whatever reasons–gratitude, empathy, naming rights, religious beliefs, guilt, good publicity, take your pick–the country’s wealthiest families have historically helped fund hospitals, libraries, research facilities, museums, schools, and cultural institutions via significant contributions and/or recurring pledges.

But for Trump, the only buildings bearing his name have tacky gold gilding and are stuffed with overpriced condominiums.

Donations from the billionaire’s foundation appear to be mere crumbs falling from his overflowing plate. In 2009, the group–flush with WWE cash–gave $26,000 to the American Cancer Society, $5000 to the Alzheimer’s Association, $6000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and $250 to the Special Olympics. Trump, an avid golfer, also donated $100,000 apiece to the Tiger Woods Foundation, the William J. Clinton Foundation, and a hospital foundation connected to Arnold Palmer. Trump also donated $75,000 to the foundation of golfer Annika Sorenstam, $5000 to Golf Pros Beating Cancer, and $1000 to the Metropolitan Golf Association Foundation.

Trump has also been a regular contributor to the foundations of New York Yankee Derek Jeter and ex-Bronx Bombers manager Joe Torre, as well as the New York Jets Foundation. And while he has donated $25,000 to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Trump also wrote a $5000 check to the Edward M. Kennedy Center for Study of the United States.

The recipient of the largest single Trump donations has been the United Way of New York City, which received $250,000 in 2004 and 2006. The Police Athletic League has also received large donations from Trump, who sits on the group’s board of directors.

On his web site, Trump describes himself as an “ardent philanthropist” whose charitable activities are “an integral part of his ethos. He is the archetypal businessman, and an icon of New York.” Oh, he is also “the most recognized businessman in the world,” a trailblazer whose “acumen is unrivaled, and the diversity of his interests has set a new paradigm in the world of business.”

Strangely, though the billionaire’s web site chronicles every aspect of his life in great detail–children, books, golf courses, Trump chocolate, Trump bedding, beauty pageants, Trump spring water, Trump bath rugs–his purported “ardent” philanthropy is not further described. Which is odd, considering Trump–whose superlatives have their own superlatives–has never been shy about gassily trumpeting every last one of his world-beating achievements.

Such modesty would be refreshing were it valid.

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    • This story is 100% true and is backed up by facts. Did you happen to actually read the article?

      Charles, you can’t just say things and then it becomes true.

      • Who cares. Cry me a river. OK he donated 3 what ever million. How much did the fk ass that wrote this lame article donate?

        So if people want to bitch about how much others donate makE sure they donate aswell besides a shit artical.

        • So typical of Trump groupies. Give an intelligent, well reasoned response and you will be listened to; don’t stop at the bizarre, crude comments … surely you can explain your point of view in a more mature, intelligent way…

          • Angie, can you please help me to understand this: all polls have shown that Trump has the highest unfavorables every reported and that the majority of Republicans do not want him as their candidate and yet he is way ahead and winning almost every contest – so who is out there voting for him???

        • That’s Right People gripe about everything , So What if he’s not giving People is Soose to Work for What they Get All these – give -a- way Programsneed to be Shut Down and the Refugees that Obamaie brought over here need to send back with all the politicians that wanted them Don’t for get all the Obamies

          • Your comment is unacceptable and does not belong here…Stop blaming everything on others and see how you could contribute to improving and changing things. If you looked for common things rather than differences we might get something done!

          • Giving hundreds of thousands to the Clinton Foundation, then trash talking the Clinton Foundation.
            This is the end of the pathetic baby boomer legacy. Good riddance to the generation of draft dodgers and spoiled rotten cop-outs.

        • The point made is the percentage of income or capital given.
          As in biblical stories / parables.
          The author is unlikely to be able to give $7 million, if he is earning his loving writing articles.
          As the article concludes, if Mr Trump has donated anonymously, it would be modest and refreshing.
          We don’t know.
          But I can’t see how it can be wrong to enquire and criticise at the public acts of billionaires when they have so much money, as much as huge amounts of low waged people earn in their lifetimes.
          The main point is a simple, logical and human one.
          They have so much money they will never be able to spend much more than a small fraction in their lifetimes. (And then, the fraction would be utterly tiny unless they spend extravagantly.)
          A man is just a man and his family is just his family.
          Knowing all of this, it does make good sense to enquire and comment upon how such rich people do or don’t help others.
          When there are so many unfortunate, starving, hindered, sick (etc) people out there.

          The point in being critical is not to criticise for the sake of it.
          But in hoping to influence a billionaires’ thinking, attitude and acts.

          • Donating large sums of money would probably require firing people. Trump is a billionaire because he invests in others. Most of his money is tied up in investments.

            Donating money is an inefficient use of resources. If there is truly a need, the invisible hand will find a way to make it happen.

      • Thank you Darius, the Trump flock will not listen to the truth. They would poke both eyes out of their head just to keep from seeing it. They clammer about how magnificent he is, and accept him like he was the second coming. I for one pray the second coming hurries and gets here. Because these young people are willing to follow the devil to hell before the accept who he is.

        • Donald Trump shouldn’t call himself a philanthropist and not expect people to criticize him when we all realize that he’s full of it. He does not donate anonymously we all know it. Most billionaires donate as much as his last 20 years in 6 months.
          Most billionaires can say that they have made hundreds of people rich by working for them or doing business with them. How many people has Donald Trump made rich?? One “Donald Trump”. He has a track record of not paying small business owners who have worked for him and people who have went into business with him or purchased his company’s have mostly lost money making Trump the only winner.
          I don’t understand how anyone still supports this man he has a short fuse, has shown lack of knowledge for the job and flip flops on his own words more than any political figure in history. He lies ever time he gives a speech fact check him people

      • LMAO, What facts? this Ben Davis hack journalist PURPOSEFULLY Cherry picked facts!

        How about Trumps donations to PRIVATE individuals, and not JUST PRIVATE Charites?

        Where is the story of our Marine, left in a Mexican jail to rot by this CURRENT ADMINISTRATION, when he finally got out he was dead broke. Trump cut him a check for $25K…

        ….or the times he has heard a family is need of emergency care, he has freely given up his private planes so that family can get where they need to be, he has done THIS repeatedly, recently he did this for a 3 year old in need of a live saving surgery.

        This LEFTIST hack reporter sees things only through his own bubble, and in his bubble the rich show they care by writing checks to other Left wingers and their ideological driven charities, not by actually addressing individual people and their REAL needs specifically.

        Ben Davis shows you the arrogance and hypocrisy of the Elitist LEFT. Leftists write a check for the soupline, they dont show up and actually work it.

      • Maybe he should follow the Clinton’s lead? Give millions to his own organization. Take the tax credit then use the exact same money to finance a lush life?? Yeah!!! That’s the ticket!! I mean if there weren’t poverty stricken third worlders and harsh diseases, who’d give money to their ” charities”?? On rats! Strike that. They’d still get “donations” from unscrupulous leaders for political favors. Like selling American Uranium to Russia all hush, hush. Or perhaps gun running to “rebels” in Lybia who we now call ISIS. Trump is not playing this charity thing to its full self benefit.

      • Trump has actually given a lot of money to different people for many different causes and, believe it or not, he doesn’t brag about it. Because of the media blitz on him this year, it’s very difficult to ‘just google’.

      • WWE did not donate the $5 million to trump’s foundation. Trump did. He promoted WWE events, was paid for doing those promotions, and put the $$$ in his foundation, when he could have put it in his pocket. You people are pathetic

      • What is the alternative to Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton! I wouldn’t worry about how much he has officially given to charities. Much of what people give to charities is wasted anyway. I wouldn’t want a president who wastes my money. How much has Trump given away that didn’t go to “charities”? I heard a story about how he paid off the mortgage of a person who helped him when he was broke down on the side of the road. Stop judging him because you are offended by his personality. Judge him by his track record of getting things done. Again, what is the alternative?

      • By that standard Apple is the least Charitable Company on the planet. Sometimes donations are anonymous. LIke Apple.

      • Multi-billionaires donate as ‘pay for play,’ thein returned same as all those Muslims that donate all in all in 15 years up to 3 Billion total and her foundation only gave to charity less than 10% (legally it should be about 50%). These people pay and they things done in return. She is even trying to tie up Trump to Russia, when it was Hillary who rec’d a donation after the meeting with her. And than Russia got control of 20% USA uranium using a 3rd country Hillary advised to and pushed the deal! This was a deal that Russia hadn’t been able to make until Hillary helped. Muslims in returned have been armed better than us, even now Muslims are waiting for 18 of the best Jet Fighters, thanks to Hillary! …………People have come out with things Trump did without publicity, such as the paying of a farm etc. I would be more worried if Trump had given a lot, for than I would wonder what he got out of it. Warren Buffet for example has contributed millions to Hillary and Obama and got to buy a railroad ………. TRUMP FOR AMERICA, NEVER SOLD US OUT!

      • I’m Glad I read this because I vote Monday and I was on the fence. Well seeing how we’ve been $$$$$$$$$$$$ in debt, we might need a guy who’s not full blown Scrooge, but tight with the purse strings. This guy here has talked just as dirty as bill Clinton behaved. I mean he didn’t go all nasty and except a BJ in the Oval Office like Clinton but he still is dirty. We forget the time he used his own plane to pick up our marines when Obama didn’t. The number one reason I was voting for him like Michael Moore said he’s the only candidate in history to stop a big automotive company from taking their business to Mexico. He’s done more for our economy than bush or Clinton’s put together. He saved jobs by threatening. That called guts people. You might not understand that term.

      • So we are supposed to care that he chooses to give to individuals in need rather then huge organizations like the Clinton Foundation that only give 7% of their money to charitable causes? And we are supposed to not care about the influence peddling that goes on in the Clinton foundation and her incompetence as Secretary of State. The idea that his possible decision to not give to charitable organizations but rather to individuals in need is more of an issue that her lying to the American people and incompetence is ludicrous.

    • Um… he cited all of the financial records backing up every point. If you’re this unhinged over the details in the article, Mr. All Caps, perhaps you should take a closer look at the cult leader you’re so blindly following. It’s sad… and more than a little disturbing.

    • IDIOT it would be against the consutition something trump does not know exists yet because he is advocating WAR CRIMES like killing entire families of anyone related to a terrorist i would LOVE to see trump shooting wives and babies on live tv and saying HEY HIS FATHER IS A TERRORIST SO OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Who cares if its a baby kill it anyway! Mexican? Muslim? Brown skinned? THROW them out right? THANK GOD the MAJORITY of USA is not BIGOTS AND RACISTS LIKE YOU and trump the least charitable billionaire… FAT ORANGE PIECE OF SHIT cannot give even to his OWN charity… WHAT A DISGUSTING PHONY

    • Trump and his family SHOULD be known as philanthropists IF they’re worth what they claim they are worth. I haven’t heard ANYTHING about ANY member (including Melania) going out and doing good with their money. No going into the inner cities and donating towards the schools, playgrounds, or community centers. (Heck…Trump not paying taxes for 18 years means he does NOT support the city he grew up in and lives! The countries where his and his family’s brands are made get money from the Trumps….but not America! How disgustingly hypocritical is that?) I watched a pregame tribute to retiring David Ortiz of the Red Sox the other day. He’s no billionaire, but, boy does he put the Trumps to shame. His charity has saved more than 550 children by providing heart transplants for them; several whom were on the field at Fenway during the tribute). His charity has provided so many other services to poor towns in his home country of The Dominican Republic. He’s a hero to them. Trump will never, ever be a hero to anyone except himself. The Trumps, especially Daddy Dearest, are the most selfish ‘wealthy (in money only)’ family I have ever heard of. So very sad and disturbing I guess. Do NOT revere this POS or his spawn — you’ll be respected at least a little bit.

      • The ‘I guess’ was not supposed to be there; blame autocorrect). I do not ‘guess’ Trump and his illegal antics (shams, cons, frauds, thefts) are sad and disturbing….I KNOW they are.

  • Good. We don’t need another big spending President so freewheeling with OPM. OR his own. OR associating his name with charities that end up being bogus like The CLINTON FOUNDATION’S scheme. You people are amazing always pretending money literally grows on trees. And laser focused on everyone else’s.

    • There is nothing bogus about the Clinton Foundation or Global Initiative. Clinton did more for working people than Trump ever dreamed of.

      • Uh……accounting reviews beg to differ with your pie in the sky analysis. Just Google it. You can’t stop the Verse. Info is ready to be learned. Bubbles ready to be burst. Takes strength but the truth is always the best medicine.

      • You cannot be serious.
        So, you think it’s okay for an ex-president to accept almost $750K from people like North Korea and the Congo? Bill asked for approval.
        You see no conflict of interest in the Canada uranium deal? How much did Bill pocket from that one?
        Anyone from a hard-right Tea Partier to a hard left ardent communist should have a hard time accepting that kind of a conflict.

      • How about replying on the web page that gives the list of The Clinton’s victims of crossing the Clintons? There is a magnifficient list of people who have been killed over bad relations or being witness to their shenanigans. PS: You are really really stupid

      • Is that why they this happened?

        In April, the head of a Canadian charity that donates to the foundation acknowledged that it didn’t disclose any of the 1,100 largely foreign donors that ultimately contributed $2.35 million to the broader organization through the Canadian group.

    • Trump’s foundation is a sham. It was just another illegal bank account for his own use. He took others well-intentioned donations and purchased items (usually of no-class) for his own personal keeping. He did donate small amounts from it (very small) when he was pressured and many times claimed the money came from his own pockets, when it never did!! Illegal!! Crooked Trump is the truth!

  • Isn’t it curious that no one in the media was interested in the fact that Obamas had donated NOTHING – zero – to any charities prior to him winning the elections? And their income was in the hundreds of thousands. Indeed, it did not raise any eyebrow that Michelle got a $200,000 raise on a $100k salary the moment BHO became senator. Nothing to see here, folks.

  • It is discouraging to read this, and if it’s true, it annoys me. People who have it to give always seem to give the least. I guess that’s how they stay wealthy.

  • Once again lies upon lies, Wounded Warrior is one of his charities, along with many , many stories of helping just everyday people. Flying a sick child from overseas for medical help. Saving a woman from foreclosure on her house, 25,000 to a military man who was in a Mexican jail. You dont have to donate to big charities to be charitable.

  • Dear Trump,

    Please, sir, we have a divine children development centre that takes care of the less privileged and children who lost their relations in the course of insurgent attacks in the north east of Nigeria.

    We need your financial assistance of at least $250,000 to keep the children alive. So many of them are in a very critical health condition. Your kind and golden heart assistance in this regard will indisputably be rewarded in heaven.

    Please, sir, you can also reach us via these phone numbers:- +2348030714441 or +2348170463361.

    We pray God to continue to enrich your kind hands as you give us a listening ear in this terrible situation.

    Thank you in anticipation of your positive response.

    Okechi Geoffrey Eke (Dr)

  • Dear Donald,

    Please, I am a 200-level mass communication student at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos Nigeria.

    But unfortunately, I lost my parents in bomb explosion at nyayan in Fct territory. For now, I have no helper for my education. Please, I want you to assist me with the
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    Please, my phone no is +2347011265879. Find a place in your heart to help me. I am a girl of 19 year, the only child. Please, Donald, assist me in the of God. If you call me I will give you my bank particulars.

    Thank you sir.

  • Dear Donald,

    I hope this e-mail finds you well .

    Please, I am in South Africa, during the xenophobic incident, my shop was destroyed. I have no means of survival. Since then I have been having suicidal thoughts.

    Please, sir, can you help me with $100,000 to enable me forget about committing suicide? Sir, I shall be very great if you can do this for me. I know you are a cheerful philanthropist as I saw your antecedent on the internet.

    My phone no is +27633061313 in case you want to contact me via telephone.

    Thank you sir.

  • Dear Donald Trump. I don’t do this. I was able to help people out when I had the money like open door mission, but know I’m I need and I can’t seem to get any help. In Sept. 19,2012 I was told I have coronary heart disease and emphasima. Had a stent put in and one they can’t put in. Alway also told to get on oxygen but could not. 7 After that 7 months later I got disability but by the time I was so far behind on bills beause my medicines is 768.00 a month. So I had not insurance and I checked around and insurance was 700.00 a month but that would not help. Now I’m losing my house and I have all this health problems. Christmas is coming and I have nothing for my 5 grandkids. All I do is cry. From the time I wake to the time I go to bed. My grandkids tell me what they want and it hurts. Half the time I don’t eat because I’m to sad. I get 2 to 2 1/2 hours a sleep a day. Can you help me. In 40,000 behind on moortgage , bills. Thank you Deanna Wheeler.. My number is 402-718-2028

  • are you as outraged by Obama and his billion dollar OFAY stash?

    what about the Clinton’s money laundering fund?

    didn’t think you were, haha.

    sadly, many charities and foundations today are just tax dodges or used to line the pockets of corrupt politicians. ‘twould be nice if you were ‘outraged’ by those instead of this faux concern.

  • I don’t know the veracity of the “facts” brought up here, but one thing is clear-Trump pays a heck of a lot in taxes. He could have gotten a Florida domicile and avoided millions a year in NYC state and city income taxes, but has maintained his NYC residence. He has created thousands upon thousands of jobs that would never have been created by the government. His charity is well know and will become obvious as the truth comes out.

  • Did the writer of this article not look at the whole Trump Foundation, monies given by Eric and Ivanka. To St. Judes alone was over 30,000,000. They also give to the police athletic league, they also give to the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Alliance for Lupus Research, Autism Speaks, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, and more. Where do you think the money from his kids came from? Perhaps the father. These lefties just love to only tell part of the stories.

  • WOW this reporter has too much sarcasm and so does a lot of people commenting. The fact that he gave counts it’s not the amount that matters. Too many money hungry people always wanting something for nothing and jealous of the ones that work hard to have it Get a life.

  • so because in lieu of payment from organizations like the WWE he asked for a donation to his foundation it doesn’t count? just because trump didn’t technically donate the money himself doesn’t mean he didn’t funnel money to people who need it?

    he sold a picture of his firstborn son for 150k usd but instead of pocketing that 150 grand he opted to ask the organization to donate money to his foundation. because trump didn’t act as a middleman for the money it doesn’t count as a trump donation?

    so donator -> trump -> foundation counts as a trump donations

    but trump working for the donator and having them pay him straight to his foundation doesn’t count?

    talk about manipulative and bullshit news. some factual reporter you are.

    fucking retard

  • So the bottom line here to me for all the Trumpites is:
    He doesn’t like to donate because he doesn’t have to
    He doesn’t like to establish Foundation’s for the less fortunate
    He does like to find the loop holes to keep all his money
    He has never done anything unless there was something in it for him
    He has never been poor or worked in a factory
    He is richer than any other Presidential Candidate
    His first loan came from his father for 1 million dollars

    Personally I don’t think he gives a crap about making America great again unless there is something in it for him, which there will be. I don’t think this man can relate to the average person but he knows how to manipulate them. He is capable of causing WWIII due to his egomaniac personality. If we go to war, I hope everyone is a prepper, because we will lose it all. He and his family will be at the Presidential Bunker. AMEN

    • That’s just weird liberal fantasy propaganda. The same kind that says Obama is a Muslim loving, race dividing, junior senator, Chicago thug that has doubled the national debt in seven years. Oh wait, that is actually true. We are a country in turmoil.. division of the people, companies moving to other countries, trade deficits, crumbling military, fallen credit ratings, inflation “trumping” salary increases, the highest level of people collecting welfare in history, minorities (as a percentage of the population) taking political correctness to heights that only breeds more hatred and anger. Trump, whether he will be the best or worst president in history is a revolution to the two party system and to its masters. Use common sense. Why do you think republicans are rebuking their only chance to win over Hilary? They know the big spending party could come to an end. Isn’t that what we want? Trump’s spending his own money.. that says a lot. he calls out everyone that spews BS.. that says even more.

  • So essentially trump has donated a ton of money to a ton of different charities. Awesome. Kudos for a very informative well written article!

  • This is 1936 Germany all over again, instead of Hitler we have Donald Trump. PT Barnum was right you can fool all the people some of the time. Mitt Romney is right this guy is a fake and a fraud and if you don’t believe that Google search this guy. He’s cheated on two wives maybe three. He’s bankrupted four businesses that we know of.WAKE UP!!!

    • March 5th, Even as Cruz was shown to have won in some places this evening and tonight, Fox News is on air blasting his opponents, demeaning them while announcing that they will break for a news conference Trump was going to give – as if Trump were the President!! They breathlessly report on every little thing that Trump does – if he sneezes they’re reporting it with great fervor and excitement. How many of them has Trump bought and paid for??? I’ve never seen anything like this…when someone other than Trump has a good night, Fox goes right on the attack pointing out the flaws in that candidate. Why are they doing this???

    • The parroting of talking points by someone ignorant to business and the real world. Um hello? Clinton cheated on his wife while he was president then boldly lied right t our faces about it and Hilary just accepted it. Yeah, she’s a true female role model. Trump has raised Children that attended Ivy league universities and has promoted many women to executive level positions. Bankrupting businesses? You really are showing your lack of business accumen. Bankruptcy is a strategy to protect assets and buy breathing room while you restructure. For lousy business people, it is a death sentence. For good business people like Trump, they rebuild. Let’s look at today instead of worrying about weird talking points of the past including 1936 Germany (no comparison if you actually do some research). Trump employs tens of thousands of people, runs a company that creates over $10B annually in revenue and has proven he can work with both Repubs and dems. So yeah, your welfare may end but on the bright side, it may motivate you to better yourself.

  • As you know Trump is not providing his tax returns.

    The other revelation is when you subtract the debt, he many not even be worth 100 million. So he lives his life like a show. Same show he doing for the presidency. The sad part is it looks like he squandered daddy’s money since he was handed 380m or so from Daddy.

    He’s lied about who he is. It turns out it’s all a show and we are going to elect this liar???

    If he lied about that what else has he lied about?

  • Dear Donald Trump
    Iam a Kenyan and you are a great political role model of my future politics.
    I completed my High School last year and I once fought whith a boy at Ciber when he mentioned that you hate Kenyans and Africanns .When he mentioned about Hillary clinton,I completely disagree.
    This is a. great personality who only require a scholarship to study at Arshford University.
    Would you please consider this ambitious Man and show the love to our continent and country towards you Presidential victory.

  • How much money does the Clinton puts in from their own pocket for their own foundations? Or maybe how much fees the Clintons gain running the Clinton Foundation. Please tell the author shove this article to the ground

  • The anti-Trump people are going after this charity nonsense like wildfire.
    It is ridicules.
    They want to see his taxes to see what he really gave.
    Trump often wrote checks to needy organizations without declaring them on his taxes.
    He does not have tell the IRS what he gave.
    The organizations do.
    Not him.
    I myself often give and don’t write it off.
    Hope this clears things up for you.
    Now go to bed.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • The reason Trump doesn’t contribute to charity is because he gets no tax deduction. The reason he gets no tax deduction is that he has no taxable income and pays no income tax. That’s why he won’t show us his tax returns.

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