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4 Things to Do if Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Were you aware that one in three women and one in four men in the United States have been victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking at some point by an intimate partner?

 Domestic violence is no laughing matter — and it happens more than you might think. While accusations should never be taken lightly, that’s not to say all allegations are true. False allegations happen. They can wreak untold havoc on the lives of hapless victims.

If you’re on the receiving end of false domestic violence allegations, you’ll need to know what to do. It’s a given that you must retain the services of a criminal defense attorney who can advise and represent you.

Besides hiring legal representation, here are four things you should do.

1 Avoid Spouting Off to the Accuser

If you’re falsely accused of domestic violence, it’s easy to make the mistake of confronting the person behind the allegations. But that’s the wrong strategy — and any criminal defense attorney will tell you so. Emotions run high when intimate partners resort to dirty tactics, but angrily confronting the accuser can worsen the situation.

Whatever you do or say during such interactions can be used against you during court proceedings. Avoid saying anything to the accuser in person, electronically, or on the phone. Doing so can jeopardize your case and lead to consequences you might otherwise avoid.

2 Keep Family and Friends in the Loop

While there’s no need to disclose all the particulars of the criminal case, you should let your family and close friends know what’s going on. If your intimate partner has made false domestic violence allegations, there’s a chance they may also seek to contact your family and friends. Your intimate partner may attempt to turn those closest to you against you. By keeping those closest to you in the loop, you can equip them with the truth so they aren’t surprised or easily deceived.

You may need people to testify on your behalf during the court proceedings, so informing your loved ones and friends about what’s going on can work in your favor.

3 Collect Evidence That Can Help You

 It’s also a good idea to collect any evidence that could disprove false domestic violence allegations. Some accusers project their abusive behavior on their intimate partners. If you’re a victim of this tactic, gather evidence that unveils the false allegations against you.

Once you demonstrate that the accuser is behaving in an abusive manner, you can strengthen your case and achieve a fair legal outcome.

Ensure you pass on any information gathered to your lawyer — and follow legal counsel about how to gather evidence correctly. The last thing you need is to land in hot water because of the methods used to gather evidence. It’ll work against you if you provoke negative reactions from your intimate partner and then use those reactions as evidence to support your claims.

4 Change Login Credentials to Email and Social Media Accounts

If your intimate partner knows any of your account login details for email and social media accounts, change them immediately. It’s not unheard of for an accuser to deceitfully log into their intimate partner’s accounts and send themselves abusive messages from the intimate partner’s accounts. The goal, of course, is to substantiate false allegations via deception.

These are some things you must do if falsely accused of domestic violence. Of course, the most important thing to do is retain the services of a criminal defense attorney to advise you. False allegations can wreak havoc on your life, so finding the right legal professional for help is vital.

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