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5 Reasons To Watch Kentucky Derby 2022

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular horse races on the calendar where millions of fans worldwide are glued to their TV screen in the first weekend in May.

Still, what makes this horse racing event special? Well, the Kentucky Derby is one of the most elite races where only the best-performing horses get to participate. It is like the Super Bowl of the NFL or the Champions League Final in the UEFA.

On top of that, this is one of the longest-running sports events that dates back to May 17, 1875, when a crowd of 10,000 saw three-year-old chestnut colt Aristides triumph at Churchill Downs. Since then, the Kentucky Derby has made many champions, and it has become the most prestigious race of the year.

With horse racing being on the rise, this year’s Kentucky Derby race is expected to get even more viewers. But if you are still not sold on the facts about Kentucky Derby, here are five more reasons why you should watch the Kentucky Derby.

It is one of the most unpredictable race

Over the years, the Kentucky Derby has made its reputation for being one of the most unpredictable races, where even expert bettors cannot predict the winner. This is expected since only the top-performing horses can participate in the race, and when you bring together a bunch of fast-running horses, you can expect a close finish.

The uncertainty and unpredictability of the race make the event even more exciting and appealing even for novice fans.

Bigger winning chances

Since the race is unpredictable, there is a bigger chance of underdogs or less favorite horses finishing first. Over the years, we’ve seen many underdogs get to the throne of the race.

Such an event occurred back in 2011 when the heavy favorite for winning the Kentucky Derby Uncle Mo was scratched 2 hours before Riders Up. Dialed In was the favorite for winning the race coming at 5/1, but the outcome shocked horse racing fans. The race was won by Animal Kingdom which was a massively overlooked contestant with 21/1 odds.

This opens up the opportunity for bettors to earn a lot of money, which is another reason for the Kentucky Derby’s popularity. Check out the future wager pool here:

Where Legends are made

There are only a few races in the world that are as prestigious as the Kentucky Derby, which is highlighted by the fact that this was the only event that continued through the Great Depression.

Traditions like the Riders Up and Festival have ensured that the Kentucky Derby is the most-watched social event with more fans attending the Kentucky Derby than the other two Triple Crown races and Breeders’ Cup.

Over the years, the Kentucky Derby has produced more champions than any other horse race. The list of legends coming from this event is pretty big.

We have the Secretariat winning the derby in 59.4 seconds which is a record. By comparison, Justify which is a winner from a few years ago finished the race in two minutes and 4.2 seconds.

Since the best-performing horses are gathered in one place, viewers expect to see history being made.

Kentucky Derby Fan Base

Since we are talking about the most elite horse racing event in the world, it is obvious to expect that it attracts the rich and famous. We can see some of the biggest sports stars attending the race, as well as, Hollywood stars, and royalty.

Previous Derby guests included Princess Margaret, Muhammad Ali, US Presidents like Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson, and movie stars like Bing Crosby and Luna Turner.

So, if the exciting horse race is not enough for you, you’ll be able to see some A-star celebrities attending the race.

Impressive Fashion

With all the celebrities and influential people attending the race, you can see a lot of fashion. Horse racing has always been about fashion, and events like the Kentucky Derby are here to highlight that tradition.

This is where people put on their best pieces and create new trends in the fashion world.

Such small things make the Kentucky Derby very desirable attracting millions of fans all over the world. So, if you still haven’t seen the Derby, make sure to tune in this year and experience some real horse racing magic.

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