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6 Reasons to Hire a Courier Service

Sometimes, standard delivery or mail service just isn’t fast or convenient enough for you. You often won’t receive packages exactly when you need them, and there are too many restrictions for package size, shape, and weight. When you have unique packages that need to get where they’re going quickly, a courier service might be your best option.

A courier service is a private company that can deliver packages, documents, and even laboratory specimens on tight schedules. When you need legal documents delivered to your lawyers or local B2B deliveries for your business, a courier service is a great option to get your deliveries completed on time.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a courier service for your next local delivery.

Same-Day Delivery Services

Some courier companies offer same-day services for local deliveries. Your days are stressful enough, so why should you take extra time to run across town to drop off some documents?

Courier companies can pick up a parcel from your doorstep at a scheduled time and have it to its destination on the same day. When it comes to important documents or medical specimens, this can make all the difference. B2B delivery can be same-day as well, making your time that much more efficient.

Fewer Restrictions

Many postal companies and delivery services have restrictions on what you can send, how big packages can be, and how much they can weigh. A courier service may still have restrictions (especially when it comes to dangerous materials), but nonstandard sizes and shapes aren’t an issue. Some couriers specialize in packages that other companies won’t handle.

If you often have to ship large or ungainly objects, a courier service can be more convenient than trying to work around mail services.

Better Customer Service

Postal companies deal with hundreds of thousands of packages and customers each day. Many of them have lost their personal touch. You have to accommodate their schedule to get things done, which may not always be possible.

A courier service is more flexible than other delivery companies, offering pickup and deliveries on your schedule, reliable service, and accurate time estimates. If you’ve ever spent the day waiting for an important delivery only to have it come at the last minute, you’ll understand how reliability and personalized service can make a difference.

Cost Efficiency

We’ve all been there: you drop off a package at the post office, only to be shocked when you find out how much it’s going to cost to ship it. It’s one small box, how much can it really cost? Thankfully, courier services are much more cost-effective for local deliveries.

Plus, one size does not fit all. Some courier services offer flexible pricing that changes based on your needs. How can they do this? Courier services are smaller operations, which means their operating costs are far below those of larger companies. The savings get passed down to their local companies, which means you may end up paying less.


No one wants to stop what they’re doing to run to the post office. Even if you schedule a pick-up from a major company, you’ll be waiting for them to arrive. A courier service arrives when you need them to and takes care of the rest. You can focus on running your business. Going to the post office shouldn’t be more important than taking care of the other things in your life. Hiring a courier service means that it doesn’t have to be.


When you send a valuable item through the mail, there’s always a risk of losing it. Important and confidential documents might have to pass through several mailing centers, being handled by dozens of people on the way to the destination.

Couriers work differently. Your valuable, fragile goods are treated like the important objects they are. With this level of service and respect, you don’t have to worry about important things being lost, stolen, or damaged on the way.


In short, courier services can make your life a lot easier. They are faster, less expensive, and more careful with your items than a standard mail service would be. For courier services in Atlanta, contact Express Errands & Courier. They offer flexible pick up, drop off, errands, and same-day local deliveries.

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