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Different Surfaces for Showcasing Your Art & Your Proficiency in Stenciling Techniques

Written by Jimmy Rustling

With street art and graffiti gaining traction over the last two decades or so, you must be wondering about the diverse types of designs and techniques developed by artists to boost their creativity. In this context, you cannot ignore or undermine the contribution of stenciling techniques in the popularity of graffiti or street art. Stencils are best for various school projects for teachers and students’ alike, interior décor projects for homes and offices. Stenciling is highly effective in creating intricate designs and motifs for restoring historical buildings. Let us explore the various surfaces that artists choose to demonstrate their creativity using stencils. Grab a piece of quote stencils for sale here. You can choose variety of art materials and designs as well. You can shop or get ideas and inspiration to it too.


Interior design is incomplete without the use of stencils. You may come across stylish designs for your walls. However, some designs are intricate and often not available in wallpaper form. It could be a painstaking and tedious job to draw and replicate designs by hand. You can add a visual boost to your home décor and walls, to be precise, with stencils. You may achieve the perfect finish and aesthetic boost when using stencils for the solution. According to Forbes, creating statement fashion is very much in vogue. This trend has penetrated the interior décor world. Today, naturally, you will come across statement walls that act as the latest photo walls.

Everyone is creative in unique ways because everyone is an artist at heart. Wall stenciling is the best way of motivating amateur artists to create unique designs on their home walls. They are confident about replicating a picture or design on a wall by using a stencil for creating clear, crisp, and impressive designs.

Stencils help you with the outline of a design. You could let your imagination go wild while using the paint colors to fill within the outline. To make your wall designing and home décor project a grand success, focus on choosing the perfect stencil design according to the texture of your wall. Do the walls have bricks, tiles, or the regular stuff? Choose the appropriate design and stenciling technique for your wall.


Stenciling with paint on paper is an easy and fascinating craft project that even kids can master. You can opt for wet stenciling or dry stenciling on paper. Wet stenciling implies using a wet medium like inks, paints, and gesso. Dry stenciling implies using markers, pastels, or pens. Most crafters use stencils for crafts, and paper is their obvious choice. They use stencils on art journals, cards, and scrapbook pages for finesse and perfect finish. Stencils are best for providing marvelous backgrounds, and colorful definitions. Their uses on paper seem to be restricted only by our imagination. Browse through, a treasure trove of designer stencils to let your creativity roll.


You may be overwhelmed at the thought of freehand painting, that too, on canvas. However, you may use a stencil for creating mesmerizing canvas art that could be added to your home décor to boost overall aesthetic ambiance. Always start by wiping the canvas with a wet rag to get rid of the dust. Use a spray adhesive or painter’s tape to secure your stencil firmly in the right place. Then consider using a good stencil brush for applying the paint.


If you use the right techniques or tools and iron the fabric to eliminate the creases, rest assured to get a rewarding fabric stencil painting experience. Silk, linen, and cotton are best for accepting the paint well. Place the fabric of your choice on a clean and flat surface. Use a piece of cardboard to prevent bleeding while painting.


Once you master the basic stenciling techniques, the sky is the limit for you. Let your creativity roll!

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