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Written by Jimmy Rustling

In every medium, there are always the people who are fanatics about the newest companies and releases, but, there will always be the flip side where people just want to get straight into the content and start experiencing without a care in the world for who created it – also try Genii slot games.

It is this that separates the high rolling big fish and the small fry in the online casino world. If you just want to jump straight into the online slots without knowing what is best and who created them then we suggest that you go and do that right away!

If, however, you like to take time and care over who creates the best online slot games, then we would love to introduce to you one of the hottest developers on the scene right now, Habanero. You may have already known about Habanero, but if you want to learn a little more about them then read on!

Who is Habanero?

We believe that if you want to become one of the best slot gamers the world has ever seen then you need to know everything there is to know about the developers, and, in particular, Habanero! Without this information, you will not be able to play the best online slot games and you might not understand the weight of the games.

Here is everything you need to know about one of the best slot game developers out there right now, Habanero:

  •         They came to fruition in the 2010s, a time in online slot gaming where everything was starting to pick up the pace. So, not only are Habanero well experienced, but they are also incredibly well adapted to the evolution of modern online slot games!
  •         The prolific casino game developers are proficient not just in online slot games, but their portfolio also shares a wide spectrum of gambling games from roulette, to blackjack, poker, and even bingo.
  •         Despite Habanero’s vast scope of casino games, they have a heavy focus on producing only the best slot games, so, if you want to play slots online and want to experience them on a platform you can trust, Habanero is most definitely the software developer for you!

What could be better? A company that is not only well experienced and well adjusted to the constant movement of online casino gaming, but one that also has heavy attention on the most fun form of igaming, online slots!

What are Habanero’s Best Online Slot Games?

It will always be hard to choose your favourite online slot game, especially when Habanero is providing audiences with tonnes of fantastic ones. DO you go for high volatility, low volatility, mix up the RTP percentages, or just randomly choose a hot-looking theme?

To help you out, we have nailed down our top five favourite Habanero slot games that you must play:

  1.       Lucky Fortune Cat
  2.       Totem Towers
  3.       Christmas Gift Rush
  4.       Knockout Football Rush
  5.       Techno Tumble

If none of these are tickling your fancy, remember that Habanero provides a plethora of games to suit any theme, playstyle, and era… so, why not check them out?

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