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5 Essential Features to Look for When Buying a Sports Wristwatch

Most men prefer sports watches because of the masculine features present on the watch. Apart from that, sports watches are a must if you need a timepiece that can enable you to perform rigorous activities while outdoors. While most modern brands manufacture sports watches, there are features you should always watch out for. It is essential to choose the right qualities of a sports wristwatch that meets your needs.

A sports wristwatch is designed to give accurate timekeeping information, but these wristwatches can also provide other functions like tracking and heart rate monitor. Some watches will tell the time and date and track the progress you made during your training, and give you readings for other factors such as pace and the number of calories. These watches are beneficial for athletes and those who are active outdoors. If you plan on buying one, here are features you should watch out for.

1.   Durability

Durability refers to the resistance of a material to wear and tear. Durability is an essential quality of any equipment that people will use regularly. Sports watches like the Rolex Submariner are made up of a solid-link oyster bracelet coupled with a unidirectional rotatable bezel. As with most things, the more durable the wristwatch, the more expensive it will be. Because of this, many athletes choose to only buy sports watches as the highest-quality materials and features of sports wristwatches to make up for the price difference.

Durability can be defined in different ways depending upon the type of materials used in making the wristwatch. When faced with the regular challenges of daily use over the watch’s life, durability is the crucial factor in avoiding breakage or excessive repair. Common indicators of lack of durability include extreme weathering, crack formation, low/no impact water resistance, and the ability to get scratched. Durability also depends upon several factors, including the materials used in the manufacture of the watch, whether or not it is coated to avoid rust. Other variables to measure durability include any unique or special materials and the thickness of the watch’s parts.

2.   Long Battery Life

You might consider purchasing a sports watch that offers long battery life if you are into high-intensity activities, whether you are into endurance sports, like running, hiking, -marathoning, or cycling. Many sports watches today come with long-life capabilities. Long battery life allows you to depend on your watch to keep track of your progress and not run down when you’re in the middle of an activity.

You’ll be able to reach your goal knowing you have enough power to complete your workout instead of being caught mid-mission and having to start the whole thing again.

3.   Accuracy and Precision

As you know, the essential features of a sports watch are its accuracy. A watch wouldn’t be able to tell the time correctly without being accurate. All three factors, accuracy, features, and functions, are essential when choosing a sports watch. You should consider the accuracy level of a watch when comparing it with other similar watches.

You may want a more precise watch for your exercise activities, and at the same time, get a watch that has a beautiful design, convenient battery-powered, and comes with all the necessary features.

An accurate timepiece is also the ability to keep track of the time no matter which part of the world you’re in. Some even come with a calendar. Another essential feature to look for is the linear tracking ability. This depends if it has a GPS tracking ability or not.

4.   GPS Technology

Some outdoor watches even feature GPS technology, which is helpful for sportsmen like runners, bikers, and hikers who want to know their exact location on the trail. AGPS watch can help keep you from getting lost for those who love to hike or jog. Long battery life and easy navigation features like voice-guided routes enabled by GPS tracking allow you to make the most of your outdoor adventures.

In addition to tracking your physical location on the trail, many sports watch models also provide a map that guides your direction. This is great for those who like to camp or go on adventures abroad. Some GPS systems in technologically advanced wrist watches can connect with our cellphone. As mentioned, there are several different applications for built-in GPS smartwatches. For the most part, you’ll also be able to see your location and track your wristwatch if it ever gets lost.

5.   Luminosity

Luminosity is vital if you intend to practice, work out or carry on with your adventure at night. That is why some wristwatches come with luminous dials. Since the discovery of glow-in-the-dark compounds, lumes have been added to various accessories, wristwatches included.

Although in this modern age, companies no longer use harmful substances like radium to induce luminosity. The glossy, luminous look that comes with a modern-day sports watch can be very enticing to consumers. However, it serves both functional and aesthetic purposes.

There is a new type of material being used in many of today’s popular sports watches. They are pigments based on photoluminescent materials like strontium and illuminate. These compounds offer an alternative to the toxic dials used in the early 1900s.

Sports Smartwatch Option

You can also connect your sports watch to your cellphone to access your information in full detail. A good sports wristwatch features will include water resistance, a heart rate monitor, a timer, GPS, and accurate timekeeping. Take note of the type of watch as well; a mechanical sports watch might be void of some of these features, while a digital watch is most likely to have all and even more.


If you’re an athlete or just trying to keep track of your fitness routine, these features mentioned above are essential for you. Being involved in sports like swimming or kayaking, you would need a waterproof watch, a backlight, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and many other features. If you run, then you may also want to get sports watches made specifically for runners.

If you are looking for a way to keep track of your sports activities, whether you’re actively competing or not, then you should consider purchasing a wristband monitor in addition to your stopwatch. These monitors will have the features described above plus some that allow you to track your progress.

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