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6 Things to Ask Your Digital Strategy Consultant

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Simply put, digital marketing is the use of digital technologies to sell products or services. Although it primarily uses the internet, it also uses mobile phones and other forms of communication. The majority of consumers believe it is less expensive than television and print advertising, which is incorrect. To be genuinely successful, marketing on internet campaigns require time, attention, patience, and broad knowledge of the best tools and tactics.

That is why many firms hire a digital agency or a digital marketing strategist to work alongside them. There are many digital marketing strategists out there, so picking the perfect one might be challenging. This article will go through a few questions to ask and what qualities to look for in a candidate. Let’s get started.

What is Your Experience as a Digital Marketing Strategist?

Although current training is crucial for a successful digital marketing campaign, you’ll eventually need to recruit someone with previous online marketing experience. A digital marketing strategist with several years of professional experience will have a sufficient array of techniques and understanding.

You should avoid looking for someone new to the industry or seeking an internship because he or she is inexperienced. An experienced consultant will be able to come up with new ideas, develop fresh solutions to real problems, and look for alternatives to issues that aren’t operating as expected.

What Have You Done to Promote Your Own Marketing Campaign?

Which way does the digital marketing agency use to gain exposure, experience? Does he or she have proof of how he or she executes his own digital marketing campaigns? A competent digital marketing strategist will, at least, handle their clients’ campaigns as if they were their own.

You’ll have a good picture of what your strategist can do for your company if you see what he or she has done for his or her business. Here are some indicators of his achievement to watch:

  • A decent and functional website – Many digital strategy consulting services claim to be able to advertise your company online, but they either don’t have one or have a bad one. A great website is the foundation of most digital marketing initiatives. As a result, make sure you’re working with a digital marketer who is also a web developer.
  • Does he have a good online reputation, and does he have positive feedback from his previous clients? If he does not have, you shouldn’t hire him.
  • Is he familiar with or has experience with the particular area of digital marketing that you want to use? Do you want to launch Adwords advertising on Google? Then seek out a Google Partner or someone who has already completed such a task.
  • Is he familiar with the online marketing strategies that your company will employ? You should hire a strategist who has worked in your sector or specialty before because they will know what works and what doesn’t.

What Will You Do to Assist Me in Achieving My Goals?

If a marketing effort is to be successful, it must have a well-thought-out strategy. A competent strategist should have one that is both effective and practical. He or she should clarify to you what they intend to accomplish, how they intend to achieve it, and what outcomes they expect to see from each stage.

They should still have alternative plans in case certain procedures fail. More to that, they should be open to working with you on any steps you wish to change, add, or remove. Finally, they should be working on the campaign with you, not just for you. This leads me to the following point.

What Level of Engagement Will He Need from You for the Campaigns to Succeed?

How can a marketer be effective without your contribution? Your digital strategist should be able to ascertain how involved you need to be in your marketing. If he or she persuades you that you don’t need to be involved at all, you should definitely choose another digital associate. Even if he or she might have served other companies in your field, they do operate like yours. A successful marketing effort will establish a difference between your firm and your competitors.


For businesses to succeed, they should invest in effective marketing campaigns. Nowadays, there are many digital marketing strategists out there, so picking the perfect one might be challenging. But the few questions to ask and what qualities to look for in a candidate I have outlined above can help you pick the best one.

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