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7 Best Bathroom Light Setting Ideas for Your Home

Written by Jimmy Rustling

As for some households, enhancing the bathroom lights may not be the primary concern for as long as traditional lighting is well installed. Even so, improving the bathroom lightings must be done for reasons such as:

  • The modern LED light technology is more eco-friendly.
  • The modern LED lights are very durable. Thus, it is a budget-wise option.
  • Stylish bathroom lighting will improve your mood and bathing experience.
  • Fancy bathroom lighting brings another level of satisfaction, etc.

Stunning bathroom lightings are becoming a trend, especially this year, as it creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Isn’t it wonderful that when you turn on the bathroom lights, it captivates the eyes and loosens the mind?

To help you jumpstart for your next bathroom project, we have put together the best bathroom-light ideas that you may want to apply for your house.

1. Rustic Wall Light Setting

The design is plain and simple light settings ideal for a traditional and chic bathroom scene. Significantly inexpensive style of lamp-setting normally enclosed in a sconce lamp steel or a rustic pipe lamp-holder to come up with a beautiful and classic look.

2. Extractor Fan and Light Combination

A unique extractor fan and light combination that is mounted directly on a shower in full safety and offers a rich soft-light that light up every dim-shower. It is usually installed in any en-suite bathroom.

This shower light-fan is the practical choice for most homeowners as it serves a dual-purpose, to illuminate the shower area and to control humidity after use. Isn’t it amazing?

You may visit to help you find the best style for your needs.

3. Bathroom Ceiling Lights Round/Square

If you are searching for a non-obstructive light setting, the ceiling light of the bathroom is the best idea. Either round-shaped or square-shaped, both illuminate the room without any downside since it is directly-mounted on the ceiling frame, offering uniform and glare-free illumination without flickering around. And you don’t have to think about the splashing on the lampshades.

4. An Above Mirror Light Fixture

Contemporary and trendy overhead mirror illumination is used to provide face lighting for make-up, shaving, as well as to illuminate the place vividly. It’s also ideal for bathroom cabinets and compartments.

5. Chandelier

A chandelier also could work for your space. A branched ornamental light fixture designed to be mounted on bathroom ceilings or walls also a great illuminator. Since chandeliers come in several forms, sizes, designs, and styles, many bathrooms may produce an elegant appearance.

We suggest using a wall-mounted chandelier to contemplate the bathroom space.

6. Pendant Lights Setting

The pendant light is often used as a bath light as long as it is not closed to water sources. You will also need to consider the height of the base-to-top space and the length of the suspension to balance the idea.

The pendant lights are adaptable since they can be secured wherever you want, unlike the fixed lights. Very flexible and comes with a wide variety of styles, space-saving, accenting looks, and creates a homey ambiance.

7. Contemporary Track Lights

The sturdy and functional track light is also a good bathroom installation. Extremely versatile, it can blend well in other decor settings in your bathroom. It is perfect for your bathroom wall.

Final words

Apart from cleaning the body when preparing for the day, taking a bath is necessary to improve your mood. And after a long hour of busy life, taking a cold shower releases stress, according to a health expert. Additionally, bathing before going to bed enhances your sleeping routine.

With that said, bathroom enhancement is essential to every homeowner.

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