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How to Get Your Florida Real Estate License?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

A successful begins with getting a real estate license in Florida. This is the first essential step needed to succeed in the state’s vibrant real estate market. Succeeding in this dynamic industry requires meeting Florida real estate requirements by enrolling in a pre-licensing and finishing a sixty-three-hour pre-license course, passing the Florida real estate exam, and finally submitting your application.

The road to becoming a licensed Florida real estate agent is an exciting one, it is filled with learning opportunities and experiences to equip you with the skills you need to navigate rules, understand market trends, and satisfy Florida’s real estate standards advancement.

You can use the tips below to join the prestigious Florida real estate agent and broker community, entering a field with great prospects and multiple paths to success with assurance.

Meet the Standards of Eligibility

It is necessary to fulfill two requirements to be eligible for a Florida real estate license:

  • Being at least eighteen and having a current Social Security number.
  • Completing a 63-hour pre-license course from an approved institution is another requirement.

Select an Approved Course

Choose an accredited organization providing the 63-hour pre-license program authorized by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). Ensure the course material includes the fundamentals of real estate law, principles, and practices required for the state exam.

Finish the Course for Pre-License

Should you decide to attend an online course, you can get the facts you need regarding the leading online course and make an informed decision. Completing your studies in the necessary areas is critical for a Florida real estate license application. Explore the laws about real estate, contracts, customs, and ethical challenges to ensure you are all set for the upcoming state examination.

Register for the State Examination

After completing your pre-license coursework, you must then take and pass the course exam and achieve a score over 70% to qualify for your Florida real estate license.

Submit Fingerprints and Application

Having completed and passed your course exam, you must then submit your fingerprints to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). It is recommended that you do this at least five days before you submit your license application. You must also submit your license application to DBPR and pay the required fees.

Taking and Passing the State Exam

Passing the state and national parts of the Florida Salesperson License Exam is mandatory. It is easy to schedule the exam because you do it online with Pearson VUE.Com.

After passing the exam, you can download and print your license via your secure account at the DBPR website.

Affiliate With a Broker

It is also mandatory to be affiliated with a licensed broker who will mentor you and who will activate your license using the DBPR RE 11–Sales Associate form (PDF). As you choose a broker, you need to consider how skilled they are in their specialty and other things.


With determination and by following the above steps, you can get your Florida real estate license without many hassles. Upon getting your license, consider joining a local realtor’s association, especially the one associated with your sponsoring broker. Also, continue learning and getting updates to keep up with the industry changes and for sustained success.

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