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4 Common Types Of Sensitive Client Legal Cases

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Winning a legal case in court is not easy because of the many dynamics involved in each case. However, some cases are a bit easier than others because of their popularity and therefore have many ways to argue them.

It takes highly experienced and skilled attorneys like Nix Patterson Law attorneys to win difficult and sensitive client legal cases. Here are the four common sensitive cases that require excellent representation.

1.   Whistleblower and False Claims Act Litigation

Whistleblower cases are sensitive because of the nature of the cases. Private citizens who come forward to report fraud are brave and need the best team of attorneys on the case for a successful outcome.

When the case goes well, the whistleblower benefits from the money recovered. Given that there is a high level of danger for the whistleblower and, most times, a lot to lose, the legal team in charge must do everything carefully. Good attorneys like the ones at Nix Patterson Law will help the whistleblower initiate the litigation and protect them from retaliation.

2.   Crisis Management

Crisis management is hard because no single crisis is similar to the other. Each crisis will have different facts and factors, making it unique. Therefore, every crisis will require a customized approach to the problem, which is only possible if you work with the best legal team.

If the crisis puts a business or crucial relationship at risk, the attorneys must find the best way to resolve the crisis without affecting the business. Therefore, experience, tact, and skill are some features you should look for when selecting representation. Also, you might have to reveal confidential information about your business, which is why these cases are quite sensitive.

3.   Governmental and Sovereign Representation

Cases involving government entities and other sovereigns are sensitive because of political concerns, policy issues, and media visibility. The team representing the entities needs to be careful about handling the case to avoid damaging their reputation and losing the case altogether.

It requires experience handling such cases and the skill to handle the case without significant damage to the reputation of the parties involved and without exposing sensitive information to the public.

4.   Corporate & Reverse Contingency Representation

Reverse contingency representation for corporations needs a lot of tact because most corporate legal teams are always focused on defending the corporation against claims and lawsuits. However, it is also possible to make money through lawsuits.

A good legal team will help a corporation sue for contract breaching, fraud, and other similar cases. A corporation can actually benefit from other parties by recovering their money from such opportunities. However, such cases are quite sensitive and hard to win if you do not know your way around the legal world.


Most sensitive cases will not have volunteer legal teams because of how hard they are to handle. However, the few legal companies that deal with such cases can make a killing with them. Due to the sensitive nature of the cases, most of these legal companies work on a contingency fee basis, which is good for the clients. Hire an experienced legal team like Nix Patterson Law for those sensitive cases.

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