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Tips On How to Plan a Job Fair and Increase the Hiring Chances

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The concept of a virtual career fair has gained quite popularity over some time now. Both for employers and job seekers it is a convenient option to offer job opportunities. The candidate and recruiter can connect virtually and thus save their valuable time and money too. Besides, location will not even be a problem. But for the start-ups or often the companies that are looking for the hiring process to be initiated are not sure on how to plan a job fair that would give successful results and that is what can lead to miscommunication and not getting the desired results.

Know about the virtual career fair

Whether it is the traditional career fair or the virtual one, planning is extremely important. Since pandemic crises have now increased the need for the virtual career fair, employers need to come up with strategic planning that can contribute to the overall success and thus get the desired candidates matching the job need. In a virtual fair, there are so many amazing features of audio connectivity, video chatting, and even regular chatting which can help the recruiter to assess the candidate and then hire the right one.

Tips on planning a successful job fair

Whether it is to hire for multiple roles or a single role, recruiters can now do the hiring process successfully. So many prospective employees may want to hire such recruiters but in a traditional job fair, this may not be possible. To come across some better talents, there are few tips that a recruiter can follow on how to plan a job fair and increase the hiring chances.

  •   Know the right platform first

In order to host such a fair can be a valuable scope for the hiring team. That is why the very first thing to do is to know which option to choose, whether the in-person fare or the virtual one. Considering the pandemic crises, the virtual fair is the best platform for Now.

  •   Come up with the planning

It is important to make good planning on how the overall fair should be conducted. This should include the date, time, and the number of employees that should be interviewed in a day. There must be a list created that shall have all the details of the employees who participated in the job fair so that if they get selected, it becomes easy to gather their basic details instead of searching for the CV.

  •   Establish strong communication

With good networking and effective communication, the recruitment event can be a great success. It is important to ensure all sorts of materials needed for promoting this event are ready. The candidates should be initiated about such a fair be it on social media platforms or through some ads on television so that candidates can get time to set their resumes and prepare for the interview.


Once the recruiter enters the virtual fair, they can come across so many prospective employees that are worth assessing and hiring. This process is as simple and similar to the in-person fair of hiring that recruiters can make their time worth in hiring the right candidate.

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